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The guiding principles behind our products

Our products have been developed over the last 20 years to meet the highest demands. As a medium-sized family business, we place particular emphasis on outstanding quality, which we get regularly checked by external auditors. First-class materials, long product life, and excellent services are important guidelines for our entrepreneurial actions.

modular locker systems by ecos


Our unique architecture is purposely designed to be elegant and minimalistic. By dispensing unnecessary components, you maintain the focus on what is really important: The security of your valuable assets.

Thanks to an ingenious system of standard sizes, all of our systems can be modularly and individually configured according to your needs. You can simply choose which sizes and functions of compartments, slots, doors, screens, or readers you want to combine.

This modularity also allows the steel enclosures of our systems to be subsequently equipped with the latest technologies. LED touch displays, motherboards, and other electronic components can be easily retrofitted at any time.

Security is sustainable. Security systems are not disposable items; carefully designed and installed systems often remain in use for many years. A simple upgrade of the electronics and software, which are changing in ever shorter development cycles, saves you costs and leaves your tried and tested system installation intact.

Our unique system architecture allows access from the forefront for all our systems. Work of any kind, such as maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, can easily be carried out from the front. Your security systems remain unchanged and the workload is minimized.


Electronic key cabinet with housing made of high-quality stainless steel

The quality of our systems begins at their materiality.
That is why we mainly use high-quality stainless steel with a material thickness of up to 4 mm for the housings of our electronic key cabinets, lockers, and terminals. It does not only provide a particularly long lifespan and resistance to scratches, but also an elegant, unobtrusive appearance.

In addition, stainless steel is particularly important in times of COVID-19 because of its smooth surface, which is very easy to clean. This also explains the widespread use of stainless steel in medical technology: due to its surface texture, it has antiviral and antibacterial properties that remove 99% of microorganisms after cleaning. We have also refrained from using handles and have our systems open automatically so that contact surfaces and thus possible infection potentials are minimized.


audited security

We consider it a matter of course that our hardware products are burglar-proof.
In order to be able to guarantee the physical security of every component, we subject all of our products, from the smallest visitor terminal to XXL lockers, to numerous tests before delivery. Renowned institutions such as the German Federal Cyber Security Authority also test gap dimensions, material thicknesses, and various break-in methods for our key cabinets and lockers.

Offering the highest level of security is not limited to physical products, of course. To ensure that also the software components of our applications are protected against any cyber-attacks, we have had ourselves audited according to ISO 27001 information security, among other standards. Ever since this certification, we have had ourselves reassessed by external auditors every year. This way, we can confirm and further develop our security measures on a regular basis.


ecos electronic key cabinets are still perfectly usable even after 20 years

Behind all our products lies the principle: “Obsolescence is obsolete”.
This is a reference to the planned obsolescence of many products, especially electronic products, which has become increasingly common in recent years. This “planned obsolescence” is commonly understood to be the unpleasant economic behavior of many companies to no longer support products after a very short period of time, such as 2-3 years – or even to install parts that become defective prematurely after this period of time.

Our understanding of a qualitative product appears other wisely. We want our customers to have the right to a long-lasting, efficient product. Therefore, we are guided by the draft resolution for a sustainable internal market adopted by the European Parliament at the end of 2020. By already respecting the right to repairability of products as described here, we form the basis for future-proof economic action for us and our customers.

The success of this principle is clearly demonstrated by the lifespan of our products: Even the first generation ecos key cabinets from the beginning of the millennium are still in use after several upgrades, even after more than 20 years of daily use. In subsequent product generations, we have continuously developed this claim so that we can guarantee you sustainably usable systems with an excellent total cost of ownership (TCO).

Standards made in Germany

All ecos products are subjected to extensive quality controls at our production facility in Germany near Frankfurt am Main. Here we also cater to custom project business, so that we can fully cater to your individual wishes when putting together your systems. 

As a vertically integrated company, we are proud to be completely independent of external production facilities. Even our standard products, which have been perfected through many years of development, are manufactured to the highest quality standards in our own factory in Hungary before being subjected to numerous tests in Germany.

Our quality standards do not only include the production of our hardware systems. For us, having high-quality products means coordinating all processes ourselves from the very first idea and checking them according to the highest standards. Therefore, we develop every innovation, every concept, and every software module exclusively with our own employees in our own organization. This way we can guarantee the high quality of our products and the independence of our company.

ecos production headquarters in Germany

You would like to convince yourself of our product standards?

Visit us at our headquarters in Großostheim and get to know our guidelines up close.