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Manage valuables electronically
with locker systems


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More time for the fun things.
An electronic locker system protects visitors’ valuables.

The Europa Park in Rust is the second most visited amusement park in Europe and has been voted the best amusement park in the world for the sixth time in a row. Covering a total area of around 950,000 qm, 18 themed areas offer more than 100 rides and several shows. The park also includes six hotels, a cinema and a conference center. During the high season, Europapark receives 5,000 visitors a day.

An electronic object management system ensures the regulated temporary storage of valuables when visiting a roller coaster. Technically and visually, the custom-made product is fully integrated into the theme of the attraction.

Products used:

locker Compartment system for wall mounting


ecos webman

ecos webman

The challenge:
Valuables management for thousands of visitors

The roller coaster “Arthur and the Minimoys” has been named the world‘s most innovative ride system by the the TEA: The inverted Power Coaster comes with 360-degree rotation and variable speed.

Accordingly, the gondolas hang below the cars and are rotated into certain positions during the ride. As a result, belongings of the guests can quickly get thrown out, which can lead to injuries and property damage. To avoid this, Europapark has been looking for a solution to store visitors‘ bags easily and safely.

The special challenge here is the separate entry and exit areas of the railway. An easy-to-use electronic object management system was needed, into which valuables can be inserted at the front – and removed again at the back

Our Solution:
Electronic locker systems with lock function

Our solution is an electronic locker system with 138 ecos depot L-2/3 lockers, to which some individual adjustments were made for Europa-Park.

For example, the ecos depots, which usually only have doors on the front side, are built as pass-through lockers. This means that the compartment can be opened on both the front and the back. This way, each ecos depot functions as a lock for visitors’ bags, smartphones and purses.

In addition, the compartment system was fully integrated into the theme of the ride: The basic colour was adapted to the surroundings and provided with some paintings matching the theme. The standing system fits perfectly into the attraction.

This solution has the advantage that, compared to usual storage areas in roller coasters, the items in the lockers are stored in a locked manner and are only available to the authorised person. This means that the storage location can also be further away from the entrance to the roller coaster.

Although the electronic object management would introduce an increased security standard, no further complexity was added thanks to the simple operation. The daily procedure is as follows:

QR code scanner

When the visitor arrives at the ride they scan their ticket at one of the 4 built-in QR code scanners

available electronic locker is automatically assigned and opened

Subsequently, an available electronic locker is randomly opened…

electronic lockers for personal items which the guest puts their valuables.

QR code opens locker

After the ride, they come out on the other side and scan again to retrieve their belongings.

The result:
Secure temporary storage of all valuables

The electronic locker system with lock function fulfills the goal of combining both simplicity and security. Today, a visitor does not notice the technical aspect of the valuables management at a cursory glance. This is intentionally designed so that guests can leave “reality” behind them for a moment.

Whether electronic object management on a grand scale or key management systems, ecos systems has always supported its customers with special tasks and custom-made products.

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