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ecos fleet
Fleet Management

ecos fleet
Fleet management

The solution for your vehicles.

Corporate Carsharing

Increase the efficiency of your fleet with our fleet sharing concept. Achieve up to 30% savings in running costs.
Corporate Sharing Graphic

With corporate car sharing, less becomes more. You reduce your vehicle fleet, save acquisition and running costs and at the same time increase the utilization of all vehicles.

Too good to be true? The ecos fleet-sharing concept uses intelligent technologies to reduce your administrative workload to a minimum. Our systems relieve you of the burden of implementing processes that are always the same, from the reservation procedure to the booking of rental cars.

So that you can concentrate on your core business without worries. Our software application also offers a real-time overview of all vehicle data and contracts- seamlessly documented and automatically assigned to vehicle and driver, thanks to our smart driver’s logbook.

Pool vehicle management Graphic

The ecos fleet – pool vehicle management with intelligent group allocation ensures the seamless integration of electric vehicles into your fleet.

When booking a trip, our system differentiates according to the length of the route to be traveled and automatically assigns your employees a vehicle from the most suitable group. Only when this group is already fully booked is the system automatically switched to a vehicle from the next group.

This differentiation ensures optimal utilization of your entire fleet. Thanks to the group assignment, each individual vehicle is preferentially used for the route for which it is best suited.

Rental car integration graphic

Increasing the vehicle utilization rate is one of the most efficient ways to reduce fleet costs. With our fleet management solution, you can reduce your basic vehicle stock at the same time.

Our rental car integration allows you to automatically compensate for short-term breakdowns or peaks in demand. A service partner of your choice, be it a repair service, a car dealer, or a rental car company, must be registered once for this purpose. The ecos systems recognize your need as soon as you book the vehicles and independently inform your partner so that a suitable replacement vehicle is made available to you – fully autonomously without administrative effort.

Driver's logbook savings

The tax office provides for two methods of taxing the “pecuniary advantage” according to §6 para. 1 no. 4 EstG: On the one hand, the flat-rate determination of the private use value for the driver in the amount of 1% of the gross list price of the vehicle, and on the other hand, the use of a driver’s logbook.

The smart driver’s logbook documents all your journeys – private, business, and the company route – and independently allocates them to the driver. The 100% complete documentation enables you to accurately calculate your values for measurable savings.

You receive your evaluations in compliance with the fiscal authorities and in accordance with the highest information security standards of ISO 27001.

More information about the smart logbook

Mobility at the highest level

Stay flexible. Our digital processes relieve your administration in daily use.
State-of-the-art booking systems

For efficient vehicle use, we provide you with reservation options from any mobile phone and computer as well as State-of-the-art booking systems

You can either reserve individual vehicles directly or simply select a vehicle group. If your desired vehicle is already booked, our intelligent group allocation automatically registers the most suitable replacement vehicle for you.

Using the rebooking function integrated into the app, you can easily transfer your vehicle to another driver at any time. Thanks to real-time data transmission, the change is immediately stored in the system.

Outlook - Integration

The complete integration of our reservation module into your Outlook calendar enables your employees to book a vehicle directly for an upcoming visit.

Thanks to the central management of all your appointments in one calendar, incorrect bookings or overlaps are immediately visible. Even if an appointment is postponed at short notice, your appointment and the reservation of the vehicle required for it will be moved to the new date. The existing reservation is deleted from the system and the appointment is released for other bookings.

Autonomous demand management

The autonomous systems from ecos support you in organizational processes related to the maintenance and servicing of your vehicles.

In the intelligent return procedure, you store important vehicle-relevant data such as maintenance requirements and km status at the end of the journey. Thanks to the intuitive input mask, you can check and send all the information at a glance when you return the key.

If a maintenance requirement is detected when the data is received, your system automatically blocks the unroadworthy vehicle and notifies your fleet manager. Thanks to real-time data transmission, you are always fully informed about the status of each vehicle.

State-of-the-art technology

Our pioneering technologies optimize your processes down to the smallest detail.
Driver's licence check

With driver’s licence checks, you ensure that all vehicles are used exclusively by persons with a valid driver’s licence.

The driver’s licences are provided with unique RFID tags, which are intended for one-time use only. When detached, the tag’s chip is irreparably destroyed and repeated use is reliably ruled out. This RFID chip can be recognized by all readers of ecos electronic key cabinet, electronic locker system and terminals.

When the system is put into operation, the driver’s licence classes, as well as the expiry date, are transferred once into the software. Employees without driving authorization can be automatically denied access there. For company-specific vehicles, specific driver’s licence classes can be created.

Alcohol test

Supporting your responsibility as a fleet manager is important to us. For this reason, a binding alcohol check can be connected to every ecos system for even better assurance of the user’s fitness to drive.

Due to the coupling function of this mechanism, the system will only open from now on if a negative alcohol test has been carried out beforehand. A renewed check when the vehicle is returned also documents the sobriety during the journey. In the event of damage, you and your drivers can thus always fall back on up-to-date proof of fitness to drive.

Intelligent localisation

ecos’ state-of-the-art technology enables you to improve your processes down to the smallest detail.

Do you lose valuable time every day looking for your pool vehicles? The display of your ecos system shows you the exact location of your vehicle directly when the keys are issued. Additional information on vehicle status, previous damage, or terms of use can also be viewed. Thanks to real-time data transmission between the mobile device and ecos key management while you are on the road, your system always knows where you are.

Individual solutions for our customers

Our client a nordic postal company

This customer in the logistics sector was looking for a uniform fleet management system for over 900 stations spread across the country. By connecting the mandatory alcohol test to all systems, national safety regulations were reliably adhered to here. All users now have up-to-date proof of their fitness to drive at all times.

Our client is a large car rental company

ecos drawers are used at several international airports for a globally operating vehicle rental company. Our fully automatic dispensing system was connected to the existing reservation system of our customer. The integration of the required barcode reader into our terminal also enabled bidirectional data transmission via SOAP.

Our client, a large european army

Significant increases in utility were achieved for this customer’s fleet. A secure reservation and issuing of keys at any time of the day or night; pseudonymized data exchange with the existing internal high-security network and the integration of numerous different locations were compactly realized in one solution from ecos. This ensures that newly added vehicles can be easily integrated at any time.

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