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Worry-free package

99.9 %
GDPR compliant and
ISO 27001 certified
10 years
of experience
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ecos care is our service offering to simplify the setup and use of our products. The combination of Software as a Service and mobile technology makes you independent of IT infrastructure.

Communication as a Service offers you the highest level of resilience for your network. Wireless communication takes place completely independently via access to three different network operators. This means we can always ensure smooth data transmission even in exceptional situations.

Backup as a Service creates automated reports about all data movements. Provided periodically, you receive regular updates on all relevant information about your systems. The ecos care servers do not create any separate storage – so your data remains protected in accordance with GDPR.

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You no longer need a server, an internet connection, or specialist staff.
Everything comes from a single source, which makes your data more secure, increases availability, and simplifies installation.

IT infrastructure

Mobile data communication is SSL and TLS 1.2 encrypted. Your customer data is stored in a Tier IV certified data center. The ecos IT architecture has already successfully passed multiple penetration tests. Passing the ISO 27001 audit confirms our competence in the field of information security.


You don’t have to worry about server maintenance or a functioning internet connection. We take over the role of the specialist staff. The system software and the ecos webman2 are automatically updated bi-annually. 


With our ecos app, you as a user and administrator can do almost everything on the go that you would otherwise do in webman2 or on the system. Push notifications in particular are very convenient.

customer service

In more complicated cases, we can connect to your system and software very quickly and you will be productive again in no time. In case of user questions, the internal administrator can be called directly with the integrated video communication at the electronic key cabinet, electronic locker system, or terminal. If necessary, the ecos customer service can be connected. The telephone & online maintenance contract is included free of charge in ecos care.

Small company in Rhineland-Palatinate
Group in Hesse
Transport company in Berlin
SME in Rhineland-Palatinate
Corporation in Hesse
Transport company in Berlin

In order to offer our customers the best solution, we have been improving our offer for 10 years:

2010 to 2012

Our clients have asked us to host their systems and route them through the clients’ IT infrastructure. Thanks to the then newly launched webman1 software, we were able to offer a cloud solution for the first time.

After the first successfully used cloud hosting solutions, several hundreds of systems were hosted for a large Northern European postal company.


The complexity of routing the data connection through the clients’ IT infrastructure proved to be a substantial barrier to projects. The effort for our customers between a local server installation and hosting was equivalent. That is why we developed the ecos care, which removes this effort for our customers. The combination of integrated cellular communication and cloud makes it a secure and elegant architecture.


The simple set-up and use of ecos care have been confirmed to us by our customers for whom we have realized two nationwide projects. On the one hand for the fleet of a large European army and on the other hand a security solution of a large European railway company. Electronic key cabinets, with ecos care, were installed in car parking areas and railway stations throughout the country.


With over 1000 systems in use, the ecos care architecture is tried and tested and has also been officially inspected. Based on this experience, we can guarantee 99.9% availability. In order to offer our customers the highest level of information security, we were ISO 27001 certified in August 2020.

Do not make any compromises.
ecos care increases comfort and safety!

achtung Convert back to local installation at any time. You are not tied up for years.

Join hundreds of customers and forget about IT without a guilty conscience.

Supplier from a Nordic postal company

This Nordic postal company is successively equipping its 900 postal stations with key cabinets to check driving suitability. Our ecos webman is hosted and routed through the IT fixed networks to the systems. In total, more than 25,000 users are stored in the cloud in compliance with data protection.

Train from a major European railway company

A major European railway company uses key cabinets to secure the premises of all its stations. To ensure fault-free operation, the local IT infrastructure is heavily protected and can only be used for internal purposes. Therefore, it fits into the security concept to use our systems with ecos care.

Fleet of the largest European army

Europe’s largest army manages around 14,000 vehicles at 55 locations. The car parks are mostly located in remote places without network cables. That is why the ecos care with integrated mobile phone connection was the key to the success of this project. In addition, the vehicles can be reserved via the ecos app.

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Find out how you can relieve the burden of your IT and combine security with ease of use.