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Video communication

State-of-the-art communication technology

All ecos products such as electronic key cabinet, electronic locker system, and terminals are equipped with the latest communication technology. Thanks to the built-in 5 MP camera, microphone, and loudspeaker, you can communicate with every ecos system via video.


Terminal with video communication
Terminal with smartphone integration


The built-in 5 MP camera enables video communication directly at the system.
This way you always receive your visitors personally – directly from your office.
Video data is not stored permanently, but is overwritten cyclically.
In case of data protection concerns, the video function can be switched off completely.


Microphones and loudspeakers are part of the basic equipment of every ecos system.
You can use these to make voice calls and, as an administrator, to provide remote support.

Smartphone – Integration

State-of-the-art communication technologies allow visual and acoustic contact to any IP-based communication-capable device. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or IP landline phone, you can access your ecos systems at any time while on the move.

Group call

After selecting the green button, you will have access to a list of people and groups to call. When a group call is made, all members are called and the first to pick up is connected. Both staff and visitors can thus always find the right person to call.

Fields of application

Reception of visitors

When receiving visitors, what counts most is a controlled process and the possibility of human support. ecos video communication offers you both: directly after your visitor has entered their e-mail address on the ecos system, the internal appointment partner at the workplace is called. If this person is not busy at the moment, the call is first forwarded to their mobile phone, before your internal office management is finally connected as the fallback level. Your receptionist can now personally receive your guest and give them initial instructions.

Visitor management solutions

Service – request

Users may need direct support on the system for many different reasons. Video communication allows you to reach an administrator directly without having to run to the support office or ask a colleague. Your administrator can provide direct assistance by remotely issuing missing authorizations, resetting a forgotten PIN code, or opening the entrance door once the identity is verified. These processes ensure that the log data is always correct and save you valuable time in everyday life.

Working flexibly

Flexibility is very important, especially for smaller companies. For example, an employee has to work at the company at the weekend or spontaneously needs a company car after regular working hours. In both cases, you as the managing director can react simply by using our app in combination with video communication. This way, you remain flexible and your company is protected all around.

Would you like more efficiency and regulated communication channels in your company?