Vehicle Management Module

With the high cost saving potential and the liability risks, we have, in collaboration with our partners/
customers, developed an extensive range of add-on modules relating to vehicles and vehicle keys:


Reservations module

The reservations module has been designed for vehicle management, but can also be used for the reservation of conference or seminar rooms (keys), including projector and laptop issuing. You can activate any key of your choice within the module. The advantage is that separate systems for “reserved vehicle keys” or “other keys” are not necessary.

  • After activation of the reservations module the designated keys or lockers may be reserved.
  • Reservations may be made by authorized persons for themselves, for other users, or also for external guests by auto-generating a PIN.
  • Reservation details can be sent to the relevant persons by automated and verifiable e-mail.

Tour planning

The tour planning module is designed for regularly reoccurring journeys or uses in which keys or objects are periodically needed for a longer time period. This module is especially suitable for security companies with routine routes, e.g., the surveillance of bank branches.

  • Employees are assigned to periodically recurring routes
  • Employees have access to keys only when on assignment
  • Higher security through time-limited and controlled access to relevant keys
  • A simple planning and organizational tool with an evaluation option for the optimization of tour planning

Vehicle fleet management

For the management of your vehicle fleet keys we have designed a freely configurable management module, with which you can select the keys to be managed in a system, as well as the definitions necessary for these keys, such as inspection intervals or critical faults.

  • Freely determinable inspection intervals per vehicle key.
  • Freely determinable faults, e.g., uncritical faults or critical faults which then block the keys.
  • You decide which keys should be managed for your vehicle fleet. Other keys may also be integrated into the system, for example door keys. This flexibility saves you the acquisition of two systems.
  • Faults and/or the odometer reading must be registered in the key cabinet, according to configuration.

Drivers license control

The drivers license control module has been developed for automated compliance with legal regulations for company fleet vehicles. The master data of the main software has been expanded for the management of the staff master data for drivers license control, with, for example, drivers license number and vehicle classes. The drivers license is provided with a tamper-proof RFID-sticker.

The automated e-mail request for drivers license presentation takes place over the communication service ecosCom. This module includes the cyclical dispatch of e-mails to the respective employee to request the presentation of his/her drivers license to a control reader, in accordance with legal regulations. The person responsible receives a confirmation e-mail upon a correct presentation or an alert report if the drivers license is not presented within a certain time. Also, for example, an automated reminder e-mail can be sent to the employee.


Alcohol test

The breath test module requires an obligatory negative breath test  before the release of a vehicle key to a user, otherwise the release of the key is refused. With the return of a vehicle key, a test can likewise be required to open the key cabinet.


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