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Keys and Asset Management
in Healthcare Industry

ecos expertise in Keys and Asset Management for Healthcare


After 23 years of using a perfectly working ecos key cabinet, purchased by Mr. Klasen’s mother, he again went with ecos systems to automize key management.

ecos systems is a leading global manufacturer of electronic key cabinets and asset management systems. We support our customers in managing their assets securely, efficiently, and traceably.

Since the company was founded at the beginning of the millennium, we have years of specialized experience in keys and asset management. Because of this ecos have been able to meet both the general and unique requirements of the healthcare sector, especially outpatient care services. We know exactly what is important to you  To make your processes more efficient and secure in the healthcare sector, we support you in four application areas:

  1. Key management for house, apartment, and room keys of customers/patients.
  2. The management of vehicle keys in your vehicle fleet
  3. Integrated access control and work-time recording for your employees
  4. Intelligent asset management for medication or work equipment

Our intelligent key management systems are already in use at over 500 care services and 100 hospitals worldwide.

We take care of the caretakers

The very first electronic key cabinet from ecos systems was developed to make the daily routine of a friendly outpatient care service easier. At that time, a PC was required to be connected to the cabinet in order to administer the keys via the local software.

Today, after 20 years of constant innovation, most of our manufactured hardware components are more stable. Even, our modern software functions can now be operated via your smartphone. But still the core idea behind manufacturing all our products have remained the same throughout this time – making your everyday life easier. And we aspire to continue this by adding new features in future. We would like to mention some here:

Activation of additional slots without any technician’s intervention

When you register new customers or add a new area of operation, your need for additional key slots can increase abruptly. With conventional key management systems, this requires costly and time-consuming technician deployment.

Our electronic key cabinets allow you to activate additional slots independently and without any tools, just by entering an activation number. Because of this feature, additional slots can be activated and accessed, even at short notice.

Even if your demand suddenly grows, it is possible to install additional cabinets. These can be seamlessly connected to your existing system and its control unit. All your settings, configurations, and assignments will remain the same.


Our customer replaced his perfectly working system after 23 years to benefit from the modern possibilities.

Durability under high level of usage

Experience has shown that our key cabinets are exposed to a high level of usage every day. With an average of 200 customers, the cabinet door at an outpatient care service is opened and closed about 400 times a day.  

Our key cabinets are specially designed keeping this high-frequency usage in mind. Even the first-generation cabinets that were delivered at the beginning of the millennium have been proven to withstand a corresponding usage for over 20 years and still function flawlessly. The long service life of our electronic key cabinets makes them a sustainable investment whose initial costs are amortized after a few years.

ecos Key Management Systems in use at our customers in the Health Care Sector
ecos key 180 with attached lockers (nine 1M x 1/3 depots)
ecos key 180 integrated with our 7″ terminal
Earlier generation ecos XL with 360 key slots
ecos key 180 (left) coupled with ecos ext 180 (right) for the
option to activate additional slots
Wall-mounted ecos key 40
Two separate ecos key 360 to speed up access to the keys

” With the system, we can always, in the sense of our customers, trace every key movement. This creates an important basis of trust for both sides. “

-André Seidel,
Team Leader ServiceCenter DRK Hochtaunus

Key Management for Patient and Customer keys


One of the most important basis to establish trust between caregivers and patients is the possibility to keep the patients’ or client’s home and front door keys safe and traceable.

According to the quality inspection requirements of the Medical service of the central association of health insurance companies (MDS), outpatient care services, in particular, are required to keep the “apartment keys of the people cared for […] inaccessible to unauthorized people”, whereby an “assignment of the apartment keys of the people cared for must not be possible for unauthorized people”.

Traditional key boards and safes do not meet such a requirement. They lack logging or the necessary security. Our electronic key cabinets, on the other hand, are designed precisely to meet this need. Detailed history recording, anonymized key tagging and high security precisely defines the key cabinets at ecos.

Our key cabinet’s features to make the everyday life more efficient:

Multi-user and multi-factor authentication

Unlocked slots – higher efficiency at half the cost

For outpatient care services and home emergency calls, one thing counts above all: speed. To make this possible, we offer unlocked slots.

This means that all keys in the cabinet can be removed immediately after the user has authenticated himself on the system. The removal and return of keys is logged electronically. If unauthorized keys are removed, an alarm is triggered and the administrator is notified by e-mail or app.

The ecos key cabinet, which was designed to be burglar-proof when closed, ensures the security of your keys. So your keys are always protected when closed and quickly available when needed.

In addition to sheer time savings, unlocked slots also reduce the initial purchase costs as these are available at half the price of the locked variant.


Intuitive slot indication by LEDs

It is often a challenge to manage several hundreds or even thousands of keys. This directly lead to time-consuming searches if your employees cannot find the required keys quickly enough at the start of work.

Therefore, all slots of our electronic key cabinets are equipped with individual LED lights. When you authenticate yourself at the locker, the intelligent system recognizes the keys authorized for you and lights up all the corresponding LEDs. The interactive touch display of the key cabinet also shows the exact location of the individual keys, so that each individual key can be found quickly and easily, even if there are several cabinets.


Management of both customer and vehicle keys

With ecos key management systems, you can manage both types of keys in one cabinet. The software modules ‘ecos fleet‘ and ‘ecos access‘ can each be assigned to specific keys. In addition, the various key groups can be easily assigned to your employees and routes in the software, thanks to the individual assignment of access rights.

When your drivers authenticate themselves on the system, they are prompted to remove both the customer and vehicle keys for their journey. In this way, all the keys they need can be stored access protected in just one system and removed together in a single step when starting work.

Administration on the go

Mobile apps are common these days. That’s why we’ve put the everyday functions of our electronic lockers and cabinets from the ecos webman right at your fingertips in the ecos app. With the aid of the latest technologies, you can easily control spontaneous shift changes or unforeseen events while on the go and monitor them in real time from home. This not only saves valuable time, but also elevates your daily routine to a new technological level.


Remote release of key chain

In emergencies or special situations, the documentation is usually put aside. In retrospect, however, it takes a great deal of time to reconstruct the scenario – if at all possible.
Remote release via the ecos app or web software aims to fully document all kinds of situation. Accordingly, an administrator can open the door for a person (without rights) ad hoc and release the bunch of keys.


Live history and alarm messages on your smartphone

Especially when it comes to security critical values ​​such as the trust that your customers has shown by providing you the apartment keys, it is important to always know where their keys are at any point of time.

Our intelligent key cabinets therefore straightaway register every key removal and return, and assign them uniquely to the respective employee via authentication. The history is updated in real time on your smartphone or computer and you can see at a glance who currently has or should have the key.

For even better coordination, our alarm module can be used to set up an automatic notification in the event of non-return. If a key is not returned as planned at the end of a period you have defined, e.g. at the end of a shift, you will receive a push notification via the ecos app.

For home emergency calls, we also offer a connection of the system control to your emergency notification system. If you receive an alarm, it immediately triggers the emergency unlocking system and automatically releases all the keys needed for the operation in the cabinet. As an employee, you yourself are also informed of the incoming alarm via push notification on your smartphone.

Mobile key handover and transfer

If you use company vehicles jointly with other employees, usually (with conventional cabinets) it is extremely convenient to hand over your vehicle key directly to the next colleague, especially at shift changes. But then there is no traceability or accountability – conventional cabinets cannot register the handover of the key. For this reason, an electronic key cabinet is a better option. However, when managing your keys with an electronic key cabinet, this security and traceability is achieved at the loss of convenience. In order to document your colleague as the proper user of the key, both of you would first have to return to the key cabinet, put the key back and have your colleague remove it.

This is not the case with electronic key cabinets from ecos. We enable you to hand over a key from one person to the next at the touch of a button via our app. Thanks to the real-time data exchange of all our systems, your key cabinet immediately receives information about the user change and documents it in the history. At the end of the journey, your colleague who takes over can simply return the key you took. The traceability of the key movements is thus ensured at all times.

Your Fleet Management on autopilot

In addition to pure key management, your vehicle fleet also entails a wide range of time-consuming administrative tasks. Our intelligent ecos key cabinets can automate and digitize these recurring processes for you.

In combination with our fleet management solution ‘ecos fleet‘, you benefit from the modern features and reduce the bureaucracy around your fleet.


Tour planning in the web application

One of your biggest tasks as an administrator is the responsible planning of your drivers’ tours. In our web application, we offer you the option of managing your entire administration tasks centrally in one place and from any end device.

To do this, you simply assign the corresponding customer and vehicle keys to an employee or ‘shift’ group when you create a tour in the web application. The real-time data transfer between our systems ensures that your drivers can already see the tour that is now planned for them and the corresponding keys on the system. If you add new customers, you can simply assign them to an existing group or tour to integrate them into your system without any effort.


Automated collection of relevant fleet data

As an outpatient service provider, you must always have an up-to-date overview of the relevant data from your vehicle fleet. Pending maintenance, empty tanks or even damage to your vehicles can delay or even prevent important emergency trips if they remain undetected.

With our intelligent return procedure, your employees are prompted to enter the vehicle-relevant data on the display of the key cabinet when they return the vehicle key at the end of their trip. The data entered about mileage, fuel level, or even damage is then transferred directly to the web software, where you as the administrator can view it at any time. If the system registers a need for maintenance, you will receive a push notification by e-mail and the unroadworthy vehicle will be blocked for further use. With this overview, you can always ensure that all vehicles in your fleet are ready for use when needed, without any administrative effort. Particularly in the case of urgent home emergency calls, this can save lives in case of doubt.


Driver’s license check + verification directly on the system

To ensure that your employees are fit to drive, you must check the presence and validity of their driver’s licenses at regular intervals. This can be easily forgotten, but is necessary to be legally protected.

With our key cabinets, you can automate this routine check by either requesting the driver’s license through the system at random intervals or using it as an authentication medium at the key cabinet each time the employee comes on duty. The cabinet door will then only open if a valid driver’s license has been recognized. As an administrator, you receive a complete overview of all credentials. Alternatively, you can obtain photos of the employee driver’s licenses via the ecos app.


Digital drivers logbook for all vehicles

It often happens that employees use the company vehicles for private use. This can result in unnecessarily high costs for taxation with the 1% rule. With our smart driver’s logbook, you can achieve complete traceability and categorization of every trip to be a business, private or mixed trip. You can submit the tax office-compliant evaluation to your local authorities and only pay tax on what was actually driven.

In contrast to conventional driver’s logbooks, our ecos smart driver’s logbook works completely via app, so you no longer need an additional module that you have to install in your vehicles. If your employees do not have a cell phone, we also offer an OBD plug-in variant on request, which transmits the recorded data wirelessly to the web software of your key cabinet.

Access control and Work-Time recording for your employees

As a care taker, you often start work very early in the morning. Unpleasant waiting times can arise if no supervisor is on site with the entry keys of the head office.

Especially in emergency situations, where quick readiness for action is required, these particularly become a huge problem. That is why we offer our access control system together with ecos terminals for outdoor use. With these terminals, your registered employees can have the doors opened and gain access to the building without the need of a key.


Keyless access for all employees

Like in all our hardware systems, multiple authentication options are possible with our terminals too. Via a PIN code, RFID card or fingerprint recognition, your employees can identify themselves without the need of a key.

The terminal transmits the incoming information in real time to the key cabinet inside the building, which then opens the door. This allows your employees to access the building at unscheduled times and get on duty faster.


Integrated time recording

With our time recording module ‘ecos time‘, your employees can record their working times directly as soon as they authenticate themselves at the ecos key cabinet. Through the integrated touch display of the system, they are prompted to document the beginning and end of their working time.

By directly recording the working time on the system, you, as a manager, can save yourself the additional task of documenting their times manually.

Time recording can also be conveniently performed remotely on the go via ecos app.

Intelligent Asset Management for Medicines

As a nursing home or care provider, in some countries, you increasingly have to comply with the obligation to store and keep your patients’ medicines. In doing so, you are subject to specific legal regulations that are often not adequately met by conventional medicine cabinets.

Our intelligent electronic compartment systems help you to secure and simplify your workflows for the dispensing of medications. To do this, you simply have to connect your asset management system with your key cabinet and control both in a common software. Retrofitting is not a problem!



Regulated workflow when loading medicine dispensers

When providing medical care to your patients, you must ensure that each medication is administered in the correct quantity and at regular intervals. Human error when loading a medication dispenser can have serious health consequences for the patient. Our intelligent ecos drawer and depots have a weight detection function that is accurate to 1g and informs you of any deviation with acoustic, visual and/ or digital signals.

In our web software, you can simply specify the weight of a fully loaded pill organizer. If an employee now places an empty or insufficiently loaded box in the compartment, the compartment system detects the deviation in weight and, depending on the preset data, automatically triggers an alarm or a corresponding push notification. The LED mounted at the outside of the compartment also always shows you the current status of the pill box:

  • Off – when the box is empty
  • Red – when the pill dispenser is insufficiently loaded / weight deviation is detected
  • Green – when a fully loaded pill organizer box is present.

Individual access rights

Just like our key cabinets, you can also define individual access rights for each individual compartment in our asset management systems. This allows you to specify exactly which person can access which compartment in accordance with the authorization of your employees. Particularly in the case of medications or instruments that require instructions and training, you can ensure that only trained employees use the corresponding resources.

With 6 standard user roles as well as multifactor and user authentication on each system, our ecos Webman offers you with various options. Individual configurations allow you to change roles, define access times, and customize other security measures according to your needs.


Security for medicines and patient (data)

eco’s specialist systems help you meet medication storage requirements and go beyond the required minimum for the safety of your patients. Active security features such as the automatic closing of the ecos drawer ensure that your facility management system is not only lockable but also actually secure. This helps you avoid human error and ensures that your patients’ medications are always stored in an access control protected manner.

In the case of conventional cupboards, in order to clearly allocate the medicine compartments to the people to be cared for, you have to attach external labels outside of the compartments so that they can be read by everyone. But with our intelligent compartment systems, the assignment is purely digital via web software. Only your own employees can see on the system, via web or app, which compartment and thus which medication is assigned to which person. This means that you can store all medicines not only in relation to residents but also in compliance with the GDPR (Data protection law in EU).

Some of our Healthcare Customers

Pflegedienste Klasen

Pflegedienste Klasen have been using ecos key management systems for over 20 years. Thanks to the software-based remote management of all keys, they were able to organize their everyday life much more efficiently.

DRK Hochtaunus

Since 1998, DRK Hochtaunus is using ecos key cabinets to manage customers’ front door keys and vehicle keys at several locations. In total, 9 electronic key cabinets ensure traceability at all times.

Johanniter Treuenbrietzen

With our ecos 360 key cabinet, Johanniter Treuenbrietzen fulfills the requirement – anonymous and secure management of all the customer’s flat keys, for the implementation of the new home emergency call service


” It is impossible to imagine life without the key system. We can no longer work without such a system “

-Benjamin Klasen,
Owner Pflegedienste Klasen

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