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Mandatory alcohol tests
before each delivery trip


Transport & Logistics



Safe handling in logistics.
An alcohol check ensures legally compliant processes.

PostNord is a leading provider of logistics services in the Nordic region. Divided into eCommerce and logistics as well as communication services, the approximately 28,00 employees strive every day to make everyday life easier for private individuals and businesses. With 198 million parcels and 2.6 billion letters delivered annually, PostNord is the most important logistics service provider in the region around Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

With electronic key cabinets from ecos, PostNord manages its drivers’ vehicle keys at over 100 stations. The connection of a mandatory alcohol control to the systems ensures compliance with the legal regulations in Sweden.

Compulsory alcohol tests before and after every trip

PostNord was looking for a standardised, automated vehicle fleet management system for approx. 900 distribution stations throughout the country. There, the vehicle keys of the postal vehicles were to be securely managed and issued to around 10,000 drivers in a controlled manner.

The main challenge of the project was to comply to the national security regulations: Every driver of the company is required by law to take a breathalyser test before and after their trips. Therefore, a system had to be used that documents the proof of the tests and can be clearly assigned to the respective driver and their trip.

Our solution:
Linking alcohol tests to the opening mechanism

Over 100 electronic key management systems were able to fulfill the issuing of vehicle keys according to PostNord’s requirements.

The required binding alcohol check was connected to the opening mechanism of the ecos systems in the form of a test device. After authentication at the key cabinet, drivers must blow into the device in order to open the cabinet. Only if the result of the alcohol test is negative the door is opened and the required vehicle key is released.

The same mechanism is also used when the keys are returned. Administrators can furthermore fully trace the results of all tests in our software application ecos webman. Through the prior authentication of the employee on the system, it can be clearly seen here which driver has achieved which test result at which time and during which trip.

Authentication at the key cabinet

Employees authenticate themselves at the system…

mandatory alcohol test prior to door opening of the key cabinet

… and carry out the mandatory alcohol test.

electronic key cabinet opens

Only then does the cabinet open and release the keys.

Complete documentation of all alcohol tests

By connecting the mandatory alcohol check to all key management systems, PostNord can ensure that its drivers can only access their vehicles at all after passing an alcohol test. Thanks to the electronic system, the issuing of keys is regulated securely and efficiently, so that each driver always has access to the keys they need.

The automated data transmission of the systems enables complete traceability of all tests. This means that all users can provide concrete proof of their fitness to drive at any time during working hours.

For the efficient coordination of the systems among each other, we provided PostNord with our first cloud service back in 2012. By now, this customer has been converted to our innovative ecos care service. With this service, the software application ecos webman is hosted externally and routed to the systems through the IT fixed networks. In this way, a total of more than 10,000 users can be stored in the cloud in compliance with data protection regulations.

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