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Fleet management in the construction industry
with electronic key management


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Support for the construction industry.
Electronic property management reduces running costs.

SOKA-BAU is the umbrella brand of two institutions:
the vacation and wage compensation fund of the construction industry and the supplementary pension fund of the construction industry.

Since 1949, SOKA-BAU has been providing services tailored to the special situation of the construction industry. It implements industry-specific regulations agreed in the collective agreement on the social fund procedure in the construction industry and in other collective agreements. Around one million employees, 80,000 employers, 40,000 apprentices, and 360,000 retired construction professionals benefit from its services.

The electronic property management through ecos key cabinets, drawer, and locker systems helped SOKA-BAU to standardize its fleet management and also to organize the internal distribution of mail more efficiently.

Products used:

electronic key cabinet of 3 different sizes from ecos systems

Key cabinets

electronic locker from ecos systems


ecos webman software

ecos webman

The challenge:
Vehicle key and parking space management

First, the management of the pool vehicles should be tackled.
In addition to the usual organizational questions such as “Who has the car?” and “How long will it be used?”, the various documents and parts such as vehicle papers, insurance certificates,s or fuel cards should also be clearly managed.

In combination with fleet management, the management of parking spaces was also considered. Since SOKA-BAU only has a limited number of parking spaces, a solution had to be found that avoided conflicts and was easy to use.

Another challenge was the efficient distribution of internal mail as well as outgoing mail. Since many different departments receive mail and some of them are located far apart, one person originally had to drive around and distribute the mail manually.

In all three application areas, the previous processes were to be digitalized and standardized as far as possible. In order to make the new processes as efficient as possible, a combination of ecos products was to be used: Electronic key cabinets for the vehicle fleet as well as locker systems for the object management of the post office.

electronic lockers with drawers
forklift key management
construction industry locker systems

Our solution:
Compartment content recognition for vehicle keys

Since 2018, we have been supporting SOKA-BAU in various usages.

First of all, the company vehicles were managed by ecos depots and ecos drawers. With the help of the locker content recognition via ID recognition, it can always be precisely determined whether a vehicle key is in the locker system and thus also whether the corresponding vehicle is on-site. The overview in our software also helps to avoid time-consuming searches.

In order to use this intelligent function in the best possible way, our software modules ecos reserve and ecos car are used. Hereby, employees can flexibly reserve their vehicles or vehicle groups. When the vehicles are returned, vehicle-relevant data such as fuel level, kilometers driven, and any damages are entered into the intuitive input mask of the key cabinet and reported to the system. This information is forwarded directly to the fleet manager.

In addition, parking tickets are issued via the ecos key 40 key cabinet. The earlier the employee arrives, the higher the chance that they will still get a company parking space. Thus, a regulated process is also implemented here.

The third area of usage is mail distribution. Here, an electronic locker system was used for property management. Incoming and outgoing letters are placed in the two lockers provided for this purpose and sent collectively.
Parcels, on the other hand, are placed in electronic drawers, the ecos depots. The system immediately notifies the addressee that his parcel is ready for collection when the contents of the locker are recognized.

The result:
Standardised fleet management

The use of electronic property management systems has digitalized and, above all, standardized the formerly non-productive processes, so that no more time needs to be spent here than necessary. Both the key management of the vehicle fleet and the mailbox system relieve staff and administrators at the same time.

The electronic locker system also drastically reduces running costs and the initial investment is amortized after less than two years.

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