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Electronic key cabinet helping with management of keys for different areas
Efficient workflow achieved

Stamos GmbH
Service providers
Medium-sized company

Safe and secure key issuing with user specific pin code.

Keys for different applications managed in one key cabinet.

Stamos GmbH is one of the most prominent companies in Rhein-Kreis Neuss region specializing in heating, water, air and electrical engineering. It is a family run business and is constantly learning and evolving with time by investing in latest equipments and technologies. This is to ensure that their customers always get the most efficient building technology. Starting as a small master company for heating and plumbing, the company now employs almost 30 people.

The company was facing difficulty managing keys to different stations came to peace when they started storing their keys in a single access controlled ecos electronic key cabinet. In addition, provision of driver licence check in addition to pin-code helped Stamos to safeguard their fleet.

Products used:
Electronic key cabinets of 3 sizes from ecos system

Electronic key cabinets

driving licence with RFID sticker from ecos

Driver licence control

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ecos webman

The challenge:
Storing keys to different areas in drawers is unsafe & inefficient

Stamos possess keys for various purposes like keys for property management, i.e, for large objects within the company, for locking systems etc. Then there are separate keys for every machine, spare keys for every company vehicle and keys for cabinets containing spare tools. In total there are around 240 keys that needed to be managed. Conventional key cabinet was not helping them as they did not have any information who has which key and where is any key at any point in time. In addition, time to search a specific key was troublesome. And since employees were not in a habit to lock the key cabinets, simple drawers were installed on walls to store keys. This was also not helping as important keys stored by the manager was accessible by every employee.

It was evident to them that they needed a better new age digital solution for enhanced management and efficiency. It was then that they decided to look for solutions, came across ecos systems and was immediately convinced. It was clear to them that our modular electronic key cabinet with expandable storage will be able to help them tackle all their current and future challenges with ease.

Our solution:
Electronic key cabinet with expandable storage

For two years now, Stamos GmbH has been using our electronic key cabinet to meet all their needs. Now they are sure that their keys are securely stored in an organised manner. Employees need a pin-code to access the keys allotted to them. And when they take a key out, it gets registered in the system. This solves the company’s problem of tracking keys. Besides, if car keys need to be taken, employees must authenticate with their driving licence too in addition to the pin code. This gives them an added layer of security and safe guard their employees. 

When returning the keys, our key cabinet display shows which slots are empty and if the employee try to insert the key in a non dedicated slot, our cabinet not only informs them of the wrong slot but also direct them to the right one. And since ecos key cabinets are customisable, Stamos have space for both locked and unlocked slot within the same cabinet. This way they are able to save space, time and effort.

Besides, the company is also satisfied of the fact that at times when insurance company asks where the keys are stored when inspecting to change the locking system, they will have all the information. Since each key movement is recorded in the cabinet’s software, manager can get a detailed documentation of keys usage as and when needed.

The result:
Controlled & organised key storage

The electronic key cabinet has already become an integral part of the work processes of the company. Those employees who were sceptical about the solution are now using the cabinet with ease. Alex Stamos (managing director) also took no time in getting familiar to use the key cabinet’s software. And since the cabinet is modular in nature with additional space already available to store more keys, Stamos is relieved of any future expansion.

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