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Key control system helped save money
A legally complied efficient solution

Parkering Malmö
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Medium size company

Several wins with the key management system

Integrated breathalyzer.

Parkering Malmö is a wholly owned municipal company whose main mission is to build and manage parking facilities on land in Malmö. In total it owns 9 parking facilities in Malmö and manages over 35,000 parking spaces. Parkering Malmö creates space with a focus on safe, sustainable, and digital parking. In addition to the parking garages that are run in-house, the company has approximately 65 external customers such as Stadsfastigheter (City Real Estate company) and Fastighets- och Gatukontoret (real Estate and Street Office) in Malmö.

The company was struggling to maintain a balance between managing and complying with breathalyzer requirements by law and being profitable at the same time. A single electronic key cabinet with an integrated breathalyzer helped solved this problem. 

Products used:

The challenge:
Losses due to conventional working methods

Parking Malmö had separate breathalyzers in each of the 35 company cars. This equipment was leased and needed to be calibrated four times a year. Additionally, a shuttle between the office and the workshop was organized, which was an extremely cumbersome process that could not be controlled properly. It was clear that a better solution was needed on the one hand to comply with breathalyzer requirements by law and on the other hand to enforce a zero policy against drugs in the municipal parking company Parkering Malmö. 

Something more transparent and efficient needed to come into play. That is when the company‘s Group Manager decided to calculate the lost working time and costs incurred for the operation of the breathalyzers. Surprisingly, it turned out that the company was losing around SEK 100,000 (€ 9,226) due to this process, which could have otherwise been saved by installing one key cabinet with an integrated alcohol test in the company‘s office.

Parkering Malmö
ecos key system for Parkering Malmö

Our solution:
An electronic key control system with an integrated breathalyzer

Our electronic key cabinet for 50 keys with an integrated breathalyzer has become an integral part of the work processes of Parkering Malmö by solving the company‘s problem and establishing a new transparent and efficient vehicle management process.

When it‘s time for parking surveillance, an employee blows to open the key cabinet door. He or she can then retrieve a key for a car, scooter, or four-wheeler. A check is also carried out when the key is returned. Should any of the employees blow positively, the Group Manager and the Head of the Department are notified via email, and then can follow up. Now with the ecos system, there is simply not a mere possibility that the employees drive under the influence of alcohol.

Also, thanks to the group and user rights of the ecos webman the sensitive issue of temporarily lost keys has been solved, which relieves the employees.

man pulling out a key from electronic key cabinet
integrated breathalyzer

The result:
Cost-effective & compliant working process

The company was able to manage all its car keys and conduct the alcohol level test with a single breathalyzer through the same equipment. This significantly reduced Parkering Malmö’s costs and they were able to save about 100,000 Swedish Krona. The losses that they were previously incurring are now turned into profits. And since everything is automated, documented, and compliant, no one has to keep an eye on keys anymore resulting in peace of mind for employees.  

In addition, the company’s group manager- Kent Hansen is especially happy with this investment and ecos system’s services. In his words “the keys are now in order. Previously, they just hung on hooks on the wall”. Once a year, a service is carried out and if for any reason some problem occurs in between, he has been able to solve it himself. 

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