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Key management
for listed buildings

City Blaubeuren

Public Service & Administration

Medium-sized company


Organisation under monument protection.
A key management system for every building.

An electronic key management system from ecos enabled the city to store its numerous keys securely and efficiently in the city’s listed town hall. Thanks to the system’s simple installation, the city needed no more than a single cable for this purpose.

Products used:

Jens Uhlig – Head of structural engineering

“The software that came with the key cabinet from ecos is very user-friendly and simple.
As a first-time user, it is easy to familiarize yourself with the operation.”

Jens Uhlig – Head of structural engineering

The challenge:
Listed building

The key management of the city of Blaubeuren becomes an organisational challenge mainly due to its many different areas. From the football club to the building yard to the municipal cemetery administration, all these interest groups must be able to access their individual keys at different times.

Before the introduction of the electronic key management system, all the keys of an area were stored with the respective clerk in charge. If these were then in turn handed out or passed on to individual employees without further documentation, individual keys could often not be found promptly when needed. Since the keys were usually copied or exchanged directly in such cases, the city was regularly confronted with high costs.

An additional challenge was that the building construction department is located directly in the city’s listed town hall. This means that construction measures such as laying cables cannot be carried out there without further ado, which makes the installation of technical equipment fundamentally more difficult.

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Our solution:
Key cabinet assembly with only one cable

An electronic key cabinet XL plus from ecos was able to meet all the city‘s requirements. The building‘s listed status was not an obstacle thanks to our „ecos care“ cloud solution: Only a single cable is needed to install the key cabinet. Thus, no elaborate construction measures had to be carried out.

The organization of the different departments can now be easily carried out thanks to the intelligent rights concept of our software. Individuals and groups can now be granted individual rights and access to different keys. For example, the building yard is given extended access to all building keys so that they can be the first on the site and get to work in the event of an emergency.

The city‘s employees also benefit from the user-friendliness of the software. Administrators can quickly and easily enter keys, obtain approvals and define different access levels. New employees can also easily familiarize themselves with the software thanks to its simple interface.

The result:
Easily installed key management

“You can‘t really do anything wrong because the cabinet thinks for you,” explains Jens Uhlig from the building construction department. The city administration now benefits in particular from the traceability of its key movements in the software history, as well as the simple administration of different access rights for the individual areas.

The user-friendly commissioning of the key management system convinces as well. The installation of the key cabinet, for which a single cable was sufficient thanks to our cloud solution, was particularly relevant for the listed town hall. The structural engineering department is now able to manage all keys efficiently and securely directly on site.

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