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Manage radios with electronic locker systems

Vitos Hadamar

High Security



Efficient processes in the entrance area.
A locker system becomes a security concept.

The Vitos Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry Hadamar treats addicted offenders on behalf of the state of Hesse. Its “Maßregelvollzug” provides patients with qualified therapy while at the same time ensuring the highest possible level of security for staff and the public. The facility‘s correspondingly strict security concepts were developed in cooperation with the State Criminal Police Office.

Several electronic property management systems from ecos ensure compliance with the highest security standards in the entrance area of the facility. Thereby, the RFID recognition of the locker system is coupled with the building’s access control.

Products used:

The challenge: Device management under safety regulations

Vitos Hadamar was looking for a suitable solution to make the access control of its employees more efficient. Compliance with security regulations was an important factor here: It is not permitted to bring personal items into the inner area of the closed department. This includes, above all, electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras, metallic objects, and valuables.

Therefore, an intelligent facility management system should allow staff to store their personal valuables safely and in an organized manner in the anteroom of the facility. In the course of this, they should also be able to obtain their radios.

Vitos placed particular emphasis on linking the receipt and issue of items with staff access control. As many barriers as possible should ensure that only authorized persons have access to both the locker system and the work area.

Our solution: Access control system with RFID recognition

Electronic locker systems with RFID recognition enable Vitos to offer its employees an individual locker for depositing security-relevant objects. An additional barrier for access/exit to the depot locker system was installed in conjunction with a lock circuit via turnstile in the security staff‘s field of vision.

employee authentication locker system
When entering the building, the employee authenticates themselves with the green chip at the turnstile.
Access to the locker system is granted.
rfid electronic lockers

The RFID recognition of the locker system recognizes the green chip and opens the employee‘s individual locker. Stored inside are their equipment and a red chip.

electronic lockers for equipment

They take out the red chip and their work equipment. At the same time, they place their personal belongings and the green chip in the locker.

access control system
The employee authenticates themselves at the entrance door with the red chip in order to gain access to the work area. Their valuables remain in the locker.
radio lockers

In the evening, the employee opens their locker with the red chip. They take out their personal belongings and the green chip and place their radio inside the depot.

rfid chip for access control

When leaving the building, they authenticate themselves again with the green chip at the turnstile. Their work material and the red chip remain on-site in the locker.

The result: accelerated security check

The double access control with the help of the different colored RFID chips guarantees compliance with the security regulations in the facility. Due to the 100% electronic object management, no personnel is required for this.

Vitos benefits in particular from the intelligent exchange system in the specialist facility. This ensures that both the chips and the corresponding items are safely stored while not in use. The new system significantly reduces the amount of staff needed in the entrance area. At the same time, security checks have also been speeded up, saving staff valuable time in their daily routine.

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