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Traceable management
of front door keys
for care services

DRK district association Hochtaunus e.V.


Medium-sized company


In action for the essentials.
A key management system creates trust.

The German Red Cross in the Hochtaunuskreis is one of the largest providers of networked assistance for old aged people and includes 800 volunteers and 400 full-time employees. With its outpatient care service, home emergency call, menu service as well as the offer of inpatient care for the elderly in the Kaiserin-Friedrich-Haus in Kronberg, the district association contributes to adequately supporting older people according to their individual life situation and adapted to their respective needs for help and care.

As a service provider in the rescue service, its operational area covers the entire Hochtaunuskreis with an operational volume of approx. 35,000 missions per year. In addition, it provides social care and specialist counseling for approximately 750 refugees in refugee accommodation for the Hochtaunuskreis and operates two-day care centers for children.

Key management by ecos supports the DRK in its commitment in the areas of vehicle management and home emergency call. The sensitive issue of handling customer keys is solved transparently and comprehensibly by the key cabinet.

Products used:

electronic key cabinet of 3 different sizes from ecos systems

Key cabinets

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ecos webman

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“Traceability and second-by-second analysis is enormously important in case of operation.
With the system we can always trace every key movement in the sense of our customers.
This creates an important basis of trust for both sides.”

André Seidel – Team Leader ServiceCenter

The challenge:
Responsible handling of customer keys

The district association DRK Hochtaunus is spread over 9 locations and has around 2300 keys to manage. On the one hand, there is the company‘s own fleet of vehicles to organize, including 38 rescue vehicles. On the other hand, the DRK manages the keys of its home emergency call customers. Long searches for the various keys cost valuable time.

Accordingly, the DRK district association has been looking for a solution that creates efficiency through the improved organization. Another basic requirement was to ensure that the customer‘s property was properly secured.

The decision for an electronic key management system was finally made in order to increase the traceability of key movements and to be able to make informed decisions based on evaluations This transparency improves the quality of service and increases the sense of responsibility of everyone involved.

electronic key cabinets for the red cross
open key cabinet DRK

Our Solution:
Protecting customer data with electronic key cabinets

Since 1997, we have been supporting the DRK in the area of home emergency calls and vehicle management. In the meantime, with 9 electronic key cabinets distributed over various locations, our systems are used on average 50 times a day.

The sensitive issue of managing customer keys has been elegantly solved with the group rights and user rights allocation of the ecos webman. This means that only staff with the appropriate authorization can remove keys from the key cabinet. According to the “need-to-know” principle, only authorized persons have access to customer keys.
The access and organization of the teams are prepared weekly on Friday for the following week.

In addition, all keys can be managed anonymously. Since the assignment of individual keys to customer names and addresses is stored exclusively in the software, only the administrator can access them. The labeling of individual keys with sensitive customer data is not necessary thanks to the intelligent release function of the key cabinet. Thus, the personal data of the home emergency call customers are protected all around.

The quick creation of users in the ecos webman software and the unlocking of the keys by PIN code or RFID transponder also improve the processes enormously. Accordingly, the electronic key cabinets are now an integral part of the work processes of the DRK Hochtaunus.

The result:
Anonymized customer data creates trust

The electronic key management system secures both the DRK vehicles and the keys of their customers. The anonymous administration and precise documentation of all key movements “creates an important basis of trust for both sides,” as ServiceCentre team leader André Seidel notes.

The DRK is also well equipped for exceptional cases thanks to its key cabinets: Should a key be stolen, an alarm would be triggered automatically. Even if keys have not been returned for some time, this is noticed and the administrator receives a notification.

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