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Electronic key cabinet helping with alcohol test regulations
Time saved well spent

Svenljunga Kommun
Medium-sized company

Home care staff saves time with electronic key cabinet whilst complying with alcohol regulations.

Safe custody of inhabitants‘ house keys.

Svenljunga Kommun is the largest employer with around 1000 employees in Svenljunga municipality. The company carries out a variety of services every day. The main areas of activity are preschool, school, health, and social care. Besides, they also work with libraries, parks, leisure, culture, business, streets, and much more.

Instead of having individual breathalyzers in each car, a single integrated breathalyzer with an electronic key cabinet relieved the employees of the daily hassle. In addition because of user-specific passcode, inhabitants were also able to safeguard their physical keys.

Products used:
Electronic key cabinets of 3 sizes from ecos system

Electronic key cabinets

Alcohol control

Alcohol control

ecos webman key management software

ecos webman

Annelie Andersson – Assistant Nurse

“The use of the electronic key cabinet is now a natural part of the home care staff‘s daily work. If something is unclear about the cabinets or the technology, I call the support that is responsive and helpful“

Jasmina Bilajbegovic – Social Administrator

The challenge:
Conduct alcohol test every hour to continue using car

The home care staff in Svenljunga Kommun needed to use breathalyzers several times each work shift to be able to carry out their time-strained tours. Previously, they had car keys in a cabinet with a code lock and the breathalyzers separately in the company cars. It was a huge pain point for the employees to have to blow every hour to be able to continue using the car. This stressful and inefficient process wasted a lot of time.

It was clear that a better solution needed to finally come into play. That is when the company decided to contact ecos systems and it turned out that the precious time that previously was wasted due to an inefficient process could be easily saved by installing electronic key cabinets with integrated alcohol tests in the company‘s office.

Our solution:
Transparent and efficient key management process

For four years now, the Svenljunga Kommun has been using our electronic key cabinets equipped with breathalyzers. Now before the shift, an employee blows to open the key cabinet door. Only then he or she can then retrieve a key for a car. A check is also carried out when the key is returned. Should any of the employees blow positively, the supervisors are notified via email, and then can follow up. Hence, all employees are protected against drunk driving.

The electronic key cabinets are also used for storing customers‘ house keys. When a customer installs a security alarm system, a digital lock is installed on his front door. The home key is then stored with the Svenljunga Kommun for security reasons. In case the digital lock malfunction when a security alarm is triggered, the responsible person can retrieve the home key from the electronic key cabinet and use the physical key instead. For this use case, there is no more need to look up in binders which key belongs to which customer since this data is digitally stored in the system and is displayed on the screen upon request.

Besides, the employees have personal codes that are used to retrieve keys, which means that no unauthorized persons can access the key cabinets. Should a key go missing, it is easy to track it because everything is recorded in the system.

Sven-Eric with electronic key cabinet
Sven-Eric with electronic key cabinet
Svenljunga Kommun office

The result:
Efficient car key and tenants’ house key management

The four electronic key cabinets have already become an integral part of the work processes of the company by solving the problem of work time wastage and establishing a new transparent and efficient key management process. The tenants are also relieved knowing that if for any reason there happens to be a problem with their security alarm, a physical key to their house is safely locked in the key cabinet.

Annelie Andersson – Assistant Nurse

“Now we also don‘t have to search through binders to see which key goes to which customer, because this is clearly shown on the cabinet‘s digital screen…There are rarely any problems with the actual key management in our business anymore, most of the staff have got used to this way of working and think that works very well…“

Annelie Andersson – Assistant Nurse

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