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ecos smart solutions

digitalise your enterprise

ecos smart solutions
digitalize your enterprise

Solutions for your organization.
Compactly combined in one app.

Visitor management

Set a sign of your innovative strength. Welcome your visitors digitally and personally and present your technological expertise right from the start.

The reception column

Whether it is invited guests or spontaneous visits – you are always prepared.
With our reception column, you’re setting a sign of your innovative strength and putting your company in the spotlight.

Your personal reception: via video communication

Your personal reception: via video communication

Our reception columns are equipped with state-of-the-art video communication. Via these communication platforms, any desired contact becomes available: Be it the waiting interlocutor, a department in which a service provider is needed, or even the head office to further assist your guest.

More about our video communication

Interactive Infoboard: with camera and touch display

Interactive Info-board: with camera and touch display

The integrated camera can also take photos or read QR codes. The different sizes of 7“, 10“ and 15“ touch screens allow interactions of any kind.

All important information about your guest can be transferred automatically. Examples of this include a photo, the provision of a signature under the confidentiality agreement, or the general terms and conditions in case of handing over valuable items such as vehicle keys.

Security for all objects: motorised compartments

Security for all objects: motorized compartments

Issuing a visitor badge and storing personal items can be done efficiently and securely via our motorized compartments. With different sizes, they are suitable for storing a wide variety of objects such as smartphones, laptops, or bags.

ecos terminal as reception

The process of your visitor reception:

The process of your visitor reception

Whether via the web, ecos app, or Outlook, just create an appointment and invite others to it. The recipients automatically receive all necessary information in advance, e.g. travel map, QR code, and documents requiring signatures.

Upon arrival, your guests present their QR codes or enter their e-mail addresses. This connects them directly to their contact person on their mobile phone. After the greeting, they will inform your guests about the next steps.

Your guests then enter their personal data and, if necessary, sign important documents such as general terms and conditions or NDAs. They can also temporarily store personal items in our lockers. You make use of this time to come and receive them.

After successful registration, RFID visitor badges are provided to the visitors via an electronic drawer. These badges are allocated to them for the duration of their stay.

When leaving, the RFID – visitor badges open the used compartments with their personal belongings and a drawer for the return of the visitor badges. Your guests are getting logged out and ready to depart.

Further areas of application

The reception column with terminals and drawers is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
This way, you can accommodate suppliers and service providers right outside your front door.

Suppliers entrance


Supplier orders can be placed via e-mails, who are then sent with QR codes. These codes then function as an authentication medium to open a compartment of the reception column for depositing the delivery. The recipient is automatically notified via the app or an email to collect their temporarily stored delivery.

The supplier does not have to wait for your arrival; your personal contacts are minimized in line with the pandemic regulations. Nevertheless, you do not lose any time, as the message about the delivery being made is sent immediately.

Service provider at the ecos terminal

Service providers

Service providers receive a QR code with duration and order number upon placing the order. Using this QR code, they may receive their visitor badge from the compartments. This will also document the beginning of work hours and can be assigned to the respective order.

When leaving the site, the badge once again opens the compartment and gets deposited. This records the end of work hours. No badge leaves your premises. This process also enables you to determine the exact number of people present at any time.

Access control

Our solution for small and medium-sized enterprises provides state-of-the-art technologies for the management of entrance doors.
In doing so, we meet the requirements of DIN EN 60839-11-1 “Electronic access control systems – System and components requirements“ for a medium level of protection.

access control via ecos app
Door opening via app with ecos smart access

Always one step ahead. Door opening via app with ecos smart access.

The smart access function allows you to easily control your entrance door remotely via app. Crucial for this is the ecos key cabinet mounted on the inside, which controls and monitors your door autonomously. Thanks to the wireless, highly secure data transmission between all ecos systems, the system receives your input in the app and opens the door for you.

The emergency battery of the key cabinet ensures full functionality of the entrance door for many hours even in the event of a power failure. In this case, our ecos care service guarantees continued communication via the integrated SIM card.

MagLock at the visitor entrance

Security made easy: MagLock

The magnetic lock supplied is easy to install and has a holding force of 2800N. The integrated feedback contact reports the current status of the door at all times. An alarm is automatically sent if the door is opened for too long. This alarm can be sent as a push message to your mobile phone or issued as an e-mail, and can also alert security forces via an alarm contact.

ecos terminal also for outdoor use

Maximum security, also for outdoor use.

For outdoor use, you can also obtain a terminal with a 10″ touch display from ecos that is optimized for this purpose. It is installed in front of your entrance door and maintains a constant data exchange with the ecos app and the key cabinet. With a three-millimeter-thick compact steel housing and gap dimensions of less than one millimeter, it also meets the mechanical criteria of the BSI (Federal Cyber Security Authority).

In addition to the common RFID protocols, fingerprint and finger vein readers that have been tried and tested in the military sector are available as authentication methods for your employees. Our high-security reader, which has been recognized as suitable by the BSI, also allows this application in highly critical areas.

integrated video communication

Always properly connected. Thanks to integrated video communication.

The video communication integrated into the terminals allows your visitors to reach you directly through the system if desired. Thanks to its connection with the ecos app, our system adapts flexibly to your individual way of working: Whether in the office or on the road, you can always communicate with your visitors at any time via smartphone.

Room management

Your first door is completely secure with the ecos access control system – but what about the rest of your entrances? With ecos room management you simply secure all doors. To manage your rooms, the ecos key cabinet installed inside your building is being used to its full extent. Within it, all keys important for your building can be secured and centrally managed.

key board with room keys
Our special feature

Our special feature:

Both office keys and keys to important central rooms, such as the server room or the archive, can be individually access-controlled. The electronic key management system can also be used to store other important keys, e.g. for equipment or server racks.

By registering them in the system once, you can freely decide which employees are granted access rights to which keys. The modern user administration with multi-factor authentication and secure RFID or fingerprint readers guarantees maximum reliability.

The all-rounder system

All key cabinets are equipped with autonomous communication and emergency power supply. As their functionality is always maintained, they are particularly well suited as a fallback level in emergencies. All alarms are forwarded to security and emergency control centers. Moreover, direct communication is always available even in the event of an emergency.

Via the camera integrated into the system, you can immediately get a picture of the situation on-site and initiate the corresponding measures. Using the remote release via our app, important keys can also be distributed to helpers and emergency services in a timely and controlled manner. Photos can also be used later to trace everyone to whom the keys were handed over.

Room for the future. Featuring electronic door signs.
Electronic door signs

Electronic door signs

Using our reservation module, room keys and thus rooms can be booked elegantly and easily for specific occasions for example meetings or important events. This feature is also forward-looking in times of home offices, making the fixed assignment of a workspace seem increasingly outdated. Via our app, you can flexibly and easily book a workspace in your company while on the road.

In combination with our electronic door signs, your employees and guests are always kept up to date about the booked room and the planned duration of occupancy. Our signs do not require any cables and can therefore be used flexibly.

Outlook – Integrated Reservation Module

Due to its many years of development, our web-based reservation program ecos reserve contains many setting options and security queries to meet even very complex requirements.

Thanks to our Outlook integration, this application does not require any third-party software. The use of an already familiar program such as Microsoft Outlook also promotes acceptance among staff and shortens their familiarization period.

Employees who are frequently deployed in the field or in the home office, on the other hand, need mobile access to book a temporary company-internal workstation. We provide our app for this purpose, which makes it easy to reserve a room from any location.

Outlook – Integrated Reservation Module

Time tracking

ecos time tracking is seamlessly integrated into our smart solution portfolio.
Without additional effort, you benefit from automated and optimized administration of your time management.

ecos time tracking via app

Mobile Work

Since your employees are already recorded in the master data, it only seems natural to use the key cabinet as a working time terminal as well.
This elegant method of only having to register your employees once prevents errors and saves valuable time.

Thanks to the cloud-based synchronization of the key cabinet with the ecos app, you also get working time recording as a feature on your smartphone.
This means your employees can log in and out at any time, even while being in the home office.


Holiday, sickness, and absence requests are controlled and managed centrally via the ecos app. Your employees simply enter their data in the app, attach an image file with proof of their absence and send the application to the system in a completely digital manner.

As an executive, you will then immediately receive a notification allowing you to directly approve the respective applications.

All changes are automatically adopted by the system and displayed in the app.
Thanks to the comprehensive overview, this way both you and your employees can always keep track of times and days of leave.

Requests via ecos app
ecos app overview


The recording of working time on-site at the system as well as mobile-based via app ensures precise evaluations and smooth processes within your company. All data, both locally input at the terminal and noted via the app, is compiled and evaluated together.

Each employee can view and evaluate their own times in the app. The monthly and weekly overview ensures a transparent presentation of all overtime worked.

For you as the HR representative, an overview of all employee activities is also provided in our web system.
This allows you to manage individual working and break times for each employee.

Multiple systems

Through the automated transfer of holiday days, absence, and sickness notifications, you immediately know which employee requires access to your company. This enables you to automatically withdraw access authorizations from employees who do not actually need to clock in for work.

Only employees who have authenticated themselves at a terminal on site have access to your company or to your keys. This prevents misuse and secures your company as well as your assets.

Multiple systems
combining all ecos smart solutions in one app

By combining all ecos smart solutions in one app, you can see
who, when, where is in your building at any time.

Discover how you too can securely protect your assets.

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