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ecos passes ISO 14001 Audit

Passed Audit for ISO 14001

Großostheim, 10.11.2021

The future belongs to our children – ecos also makes its contribution!

The responsible use of energy-saving operational resources is one of the great challenges of our time. Ecos systems is clearly aware of the obligation we bear as a company for our planet and our future.

Therefore, yesterday we have not only carried out the annual review audit in quality management but have also successfully completed the audit of the ISO 14001 environmental management systems!

With the decision to introduce the ISO 14001 environmental management system into our company, we want to show that we are dedicated and motivated to make our contribution to a better world tomorrow. With our commitment, we hope to inspire other companies and private individuals to increase their efforts for the sustainability of our planet.

We are proud that we will soon be able to express our commitment through the official ISO 14001 certification!

This will enable us to continue to meet our standards of quality and safety at the highest level in a sustainable and responsible manner.