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Alcohol tests and driving licence checks
for security service providers


Securitas Offenbach


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Developing new strengths.
How an electronic driving licence and alcohol control saves time, stress and money.

SECURITAS is Germany’s largest security service provider with more than 120 branches and 21,000 employees. Customised and economical security solutions using modern security technology have been their strength for years. To achieve this, they intelligently combine their services into a complete offer for end customers.

With the electronic key management from ecos, SECURITAS succeeded in significantly reducing the organisational and administrative effort involved in fleet management. The driver’s licence check integrated in the key cabinet, together with a binding alcohol test, guarantees the highest level of security in everyday use.

Products used:

Electronic key cabinets of 3 sizes from ecos systems

Key cabinets

alcohol control tester

alcohol control

Driving licence with ecos RFID sticker

Driver licence control

Laptop mit ecos Software

ecos webman

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“Supervisors no longer have to spend a long time searching, neither who was driving a car at a particular time, nor the car keys.”

Julia Dehati – Supervisor Operational Business

What problems has Securitas encountered regarding key management?

“SECURITAS Offenbach could not guarantee 100% that vehicle keys would always be passed on properly,” says Division Manager Maik Schefzeck, describing the situation before the introduction of electronic key management:

Due to the fact that each of the 44 employees needs a vehicle to be able to work, the efficient distribution and monitoring of the 25 vehicles is an integral part of the business. Because not all employees keep the handed out logbook properly, it is time-consuming to find the responsible person in case of damages or offences. Sometimes it is even impossible to identify the employee, which in turn causes costs for Securitas.

Securitas Offenbach wanted to ensure in particular that the vehicle keys were passed on properly. Only persons with the appropriate authorisation should have access to the keys.
In doing so, ecos was to ensure that:

  • The driving licences of the employees are valid,
  • The employees are not intoxicated,
  • The entire process is documented in an audit-proof manner.

To further save resources, an autonomous key management system should be used.

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This is how our electronic key cabinets have helped Securitas

The electronic key cabinet with 40 slots, an RFID reader, an alcohol tester and our ecos webman software was able to meet the challenges.

To ensure that the driving licences are valid but also present, they are provided with tamper- proof RFID labels. The cabinet is only opened when the driving licence is held up to the RFID reader.

However, before the locker door opens, the alcohol level must also be below the specified limit. Only then the employee can remove and use their vehicle key. When the vehicle is returned, the alcohol test must also be passed so the key can be returned to the key cabinet.

As the vehicles are Securitas‘ most cost-intensive work equipment, it is of central importance that mileage, tank level, damage and acute faults can be reported when the vehicle is returned. This works via the intuitive input mask of the key cabinet. It enables employees to enter the current status of the vehicle directly on the system when the vehicle key is returned and to transmit the data to the software. This gives the administrator a complete overview of the current status of the vehicle fleet. It also enables the vehicles to be quickly made ready for use again.

At Securitas, the electronic key cabinet is used around the clock in a 24/7 rhythm. At the same time, 70% of the employees work at night. It is therefore more than important that the key cabinet works flawlessly at all times and is also ready to operate independently via an emergency battery in the event of an emergency.

In order to receive the VdS certification, Securitas has connected the key cabinet to the alarm system so that an alarm would be triggered automatically in the event of a violent burglary.

The result: Complete documentation in the fleet

The introduction of the ecos key cabinet has helped to significantly improve vehicle management at Securitas.
„Now we have almost a 100 percent documentation of who had which vehicle“, explains Maik Schefzeck. That saves valuable time, because “Supervisors no longer have to spend a long time searching, neither who was driving a car at a particular time, nor the keys”, explains Supervisor Julia Dehati. Administrative offences can also be easily assigned to employees in the web software.

Furthermore, Mr. Schefzeck emphasises that the financial investment is minimal in relation to a person who is constantly on site and visually inspects the vehicles. With an imputed depreciation according to the AfA table, the key cabinet costs about 200€ per month.

from Securitas

The electronic key management system leads to employees taking more responsibility for the work equipment they have been given, such as vehicle keys, and handling them with corresponding care. However, the changeover takes some time until all functionalities, such as entering the vehicle’s condition via the intuitive return mask, are fully used.

With the key cabinet, the driver’s licence is now checked every time the vehicle is driven.
Without the system, even a quarterly manual check could not fully ensure its presence. If an employee has had his driving licence taken away for a month during a private journey and has not reported this to the employer, it is not noticed during the quarterly check.

As before, in accordance with company regulations, the vehicle may be released by the supervisor as an exception if the driving licence is forgotten. The remote release via the ecos software makes this particularly easy.

Key numbers


Vehicles managed

50 – 100

daily key movements


used at night