For administration via web, system or smartphone

Our IT architecture is based on the latest technologies. This has enabled us in various large-scale projects in the field of facility management and vehicle management to release a key with a waiting time of less than 3 seconds on site at one system with more than 100,000 users worldwide, more than 20,000 objects - including keys - and more than 2,000 systems in total.

The web-based software "ecos webman" can manage all ecos system types under one interface, such as key cabinets, specialist systems, ecos terminals and the ecos smart lock.

User, key and system groups in particular simplify administration. The keys can be assigned to a fixed slot or dynamically managed without assignment.

By default a MSSQL database is used and the number of users is unlimited. There are no recurring license fees for our programs. Web services are available for easy integration into your data structures.

This means that enquiries can be made at any time and relevant information can be obtained - in real time - on the workplace computer via the web, on the system via the tablet and on the road via the smartphone. 

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (Saas)

For years we offer succesfully our Software-as-a-Service (Saas) using the cloud.

Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest version of software. Your data is always secured through constant back-ups.

Capacities of servers, internal maintenance and administration are obsolete.

Stand-alone System

Stand-alone system

Each system can be operated completely independently from the built-in Android Tablet. In this case, no additional software is required. With its own database and an internal SD card for backups, data integrity is ensured at all times, even in the event of a processor failure. 

Software System

Our key management systems are equipped with industrial grade tablets. With the latest mobile technology always at our fingertips (through the use of Android), we are able to constantly provide our customers with the best possible user experience, be it communication speed, design or new features for graphical user interfaces.

A user friendly interaction between man and machine is the single most important factor for the acceptance of new technology.A user friendly interaction between man and machine is the single most important factor for the acceptance of new technology. Our high-resolution color display with capacitive touch 7” enables all known techniques from smart phones, like swiping or zooming.

Simple search and filter functions are implemented, which makes operation easier, especially with many keys (XXL variant) or large specialist systems (depots and drawers).

System Software

In mixed systems, where both keys and objects are managed together, the graphical user interface allows easy switching from one system to another.

The adjacent graphic shows an asset manager, the one below the view of a combination system.

Car Documents

The modern touch surface allows a key to be unlocked or a compartment to be opened by simply touching the desired symbol. Objects for which no authorization exists are not released.

Modules and Packages

Several expansion modules allow the efficient integration of our systems into your business processes. Above all the integration of all modern digital access media is of special help.

For certain industries we have developed complete solutions with software and hardware components exactly tailored to customer requirements, such as our vehicle administration, with reservation module, fleet administration, driver's license control and alcohol tester. 

Also in the area of security we offer a special solution with reinforced or additional hardware, but above all with the corresponding alarm module. 

ecos reserve

The ecos reserve reservation module can, for example, provide room keys for seminars or meetings as well as the necessary tools such as laptops or beamers. In addition, a vehicle can be reserved for lunch together.  


Our alarm module ecos alarm informs about irregularities in the operation of the systems by means of e-mail notifications, pop-ups on computers or push messages via our ecos app in real time. 

Data exchange

Efficient data exchange with other programs, such as your access control or your control station software, increases your security and, above all, relieves your employees. The user no longer has to maintain important data in parallel in different programs.

Depending on the requirements or existing software architecture, we provide a wide range of methods, from pure employee master data import to fully automated control of our systems by an external system.

Script - Data imports via intermediate files

  • Data imports can take place via CSV files, e.g. with the following format:

LDAP - Data exchange via directory services

  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol from the field of network technology.
  • LDAP is based on the client-server model and is used for so-called directory services.

SOAP - Data exchange via the Internet

  • SOAP is a protocol for exchanging XML-based messages over a computer network.
  • The main purpose of REST is machine-to-machine communication. REST is a simple alternative to similar methods like SOAP and WSDL and the related method RPC.

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