Electronic Key Management

ecos systems runs on the most advanced ARM processors The Android operating system provides stabili- ty and is constantly updated. All ecos systems are fully stand-alone units, but may also be administrated through the “ecos webman” web application.

The use of mobile technology enables control of the systems via any smartphone. Apps are freely available for all relevant operating systems.

The newest generation, the “ecos premium” product line, features state-of-the-art security and quality. Hinges are mounted inside the cabinets and doors open automatically. Handles are no longer needed. Cabinet doors are made of highgrade stainless steel and are reinforced with a security frame. High quality security locks and an emergency battery round off the system.


Electronic Key Management Systems

The cabinets consist of a monocoque style compact steel-housing with integrated control unit. In case of a complete loss of all electronics, the door has a manual key override, then all key slots can be mechanically released, quickly and without any tools.

All systems are equipped with modern ARM processors, 7” touch screens and 5MP cameras with microphones and speakers. This allows to communicate by video with the reception desk or a technician directly at the system.

Alarm contacts for both doors, a emergency battery and security locks secure the system. Additionally a independent monitoring board serves as “watchdog”, which sends out alarms even when the main board is out of service.

Key Cabinets

Key Positions

Appr. Size mm
(W x H x D)
kg (max.)
ecos key 20 10-20 650 x 350 x 180 30
ecos key 40 20-40 650 x 530 180 40
ecos key 80 40-80 650 x 880 x 180 50
ecos key 120 80-120 960 x 730 x 180 60
ecos key 180 120-180 960 x 1840 x 180 105
ecos key 240 180-240 960 x 1840 x 180 110
ecos key 360 240-360 960 x 1840 x 180 120
ecos ext 360 240-360 810 x 1840 x 180 100

720 Variante

Unused key slots can be activated later on either within the system or by adding an extension system (ecos ext) on the side. Therefore an existing system can be extended to a maximum of 5.000 key slots. A space saving alternative is to use the 10” terminal and mount two extension systems back-to-back.


Polycarbonate Key Cabinet

The transparent polycarbonate door provides a quick overview of the currently issued keys. Especially the security staff can easily get an overview of people who are still present in the building.



Every control unit of an ecos key management system can control any number of ecos lockers or drawers via a connector.


• Cabinet size "ecos key 120"

• 7" - control unit

• RFID-Reader

• 120 locking positions

• Connector

• 12 positions still available

Key positions

Key positions

The key positions can be locking or non-locking depending on the security demands. A combination of both versions is also possible.

The exact number of the desired key positions can be ordered, depending on your needs. With the help of a license code supplied by us, further postions can be easily activated any time in the future. No need for a technician.


• 15 locking key positions

• 13 unlocking key positions

• 12 positions still available

Activation of slots


The key panel is a polished stainless steel sheet with scratch-proof numbers printed on it. Also for large bunches of keys the “wide” option is available. 



The blue ID plugs are used for our unlocked slots. The ID security plugs made of stainless steel are provided for our locked slots.

The one-stage technology used for data transmission has been proven and tested over many years. This means that fewer electronic parts are required, resulting in a lower error rate and a better price-performance ratio.

All other technologies used in the field of electronic key management are 2-stage processes, such as RFID, in which a reader must first be activated via a contact switch in order to carry out a unique and error-free reading process.



We offer two types of seals to attach your keys with an ID-plug.

On the one hand, we offer flexible braided steel wires coated with plastic. These are reusable, but can also be closed by additional crimping only for one-time use. We recommend these seals for the unlocked slots.

The highly secure connection of your keys with an ID-plug is recommended especially for the locked slots to prevent tampering.

Kombi Siegel

ID-plug + seal

Our ID-plug / seal connections are optimized for the respective requirements. For the efficient management of large and changing key quantities by simply connecting the ID-plug to the seal without using tools.

Special tools are used for securing less important keys with ID-plugs. The numbered seals with 3 mm steel diameter are thus protected against manipulation.

For even more security, we recommend storing your keys in small invidiual compartments in the simple version or in the highly secure version with an 8 mm stainless steel front.

ecos webman & ecos app

All systems can be equipped with interactive communication. After pushing the videochat button ever person with a ip-enabled phone can be called. Keys can be unlocked remotely either through the web application or through the ecos app.

For security reasons the user can be asked to acknowledge the com- pany internal regulations through a signature field paired with a autho- risation photo taken before the key can be taken.


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