Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets

Quality first

Our key cabinets are used for over 10 years. Each ID plug is pulled out and inserted on average every day. This adds up to tens of thousands of uses over their entire lifetime.

  • key cabinet monocoque design

    The result of years of detail improvement is a key cabinet with a minimum number of components. The case is moulded in one piece and does not allow access to screws or the internal hinges.

  • High-Quality Materials

    The use of stainless steel elements is not only aesthetically striking, but above all serves the longevity of our key systems. Even after years of intensive use, the front is without signs of wear and adds a high-class touch to your business. Without handles and thanks to the antibacterial properties of stainless steel, this is a secure interface in your business.

  • Robust ID-plugs

    Our ¼ -inch ID plugs uses a proven technology that was already used in the first telephone systems at the end of the 19th century. That’s why we give them a 5-year warranty. Even after being pulled and plugged in thousands of times, our ID plugs function like new.

  • Intuitive control unit

    The control unit works like modern touch screens, but originate from the industrial sector, so it is designed for 24/7 operation. Thanks to the intuitive use, your staff will get used to your new key management more easily.

Highly adaptable

Many different applications can be fulfilled with one key cabinet. Different adaptations ensure easy integration into your processes.

  • Customised number of keys

    We know that the number of keys to be managed can change over time. That’s why you can choose exactly the number you need at ecos and don’t have to expand in increments of 5 or 10. You only pay for what you actually use. Additional slots are activated with the help of a licence code, so there are no delivery charges or need for a technician.

  • Adapting the use of the cabinet

    Locked and unlocked slots
    When configuring your key cabinet, you can determine not only the exact number but also the exact type of slots. Locked slots provide additional security because the ID plug is physically secured. With unlocked slots, as soon as the door is opened, a user without key authorisation can still pull it out. An alarm is also triggered in this case.

    Normal and large keys
    To manage large keys over 9cm in length, there is the option of deactivating every second row or using our “wide” front panels.

    Seals and cards
    You can choose between different seals according to the importance of the managed keys. With different accessories, credit or RFID cards can also be handled.

  • Personalise control unit

    You can simply load your company logo onto the control terminal via the software; there are no development costs. This way, the cabinet integrates easily into your entrance halls and corridors.

  • Combine keys and lockers

    Keys and various objects are often used together, which is why our systems can be combined quite easily. With a “Connector” cable, key cabinets and locker systems can be managed on one control unit and in one software.

  • Important keys

    For a small quantity of keys, it usually makes sense to store them in lockers. For highly critical applications, such a key compartment offers the most security, as the key stored in it is managed separately from those in the key cabinet. The thick steel walls of the compartment also protect it from view. The other strength of the key locker is that it can issue an additional object together with the keys. Corresponding to your company processes, this can be documents, ID cards or smartphones.

  • Many thousands of keys

    5 different housing sizes can meet your needs.
    There is space for up to 360 keys in a single housing.

    Further cabinets can be connected via extensions without any problems.
    We recommend a maximum of 5000 keys on one control unit.
    Otherwise there will be a ” congestion ” at the locker and a security risk due to the spatial distance to the unlocked key. The extensions can be retrofitted without any problems.

Integrated security

As the central interface in the company, the system must be armed against all possible dangers. 
That’s why the key cabinet is designed with your security in mind.

  • Built-in video surveillance

    Every action on the key cabinet, such as opening the door, pulling & inserting the keys, or opening the control panel, can be recorded by the camera and microphone. This allows the administrator to prove the identity of the user without doubt.

  • Alarm relay for further actions

    In addition to the default alarms as push notification or e-mail, potential-free contacts can also trigger immediate actions. In addition to the 4 potential-free contacts that are always included, further ones can be installed. Switching relays can also be installed. This is useful to inform the control centre or to lock the room.

  • Two-step emergency mode

    The integrated emergency battery allows the system to continue running without interruption for up to 12 hours if there is a power failure or the power connection has been disconnected.

    Without power, the key cabinet can of course still be used manually. With an administrator key, all keys can be accessed in a few simple steps.
    Manual access is secured against unauthorised entry with high-security locks. Optionally, we can also install your own locks.

  • Internally secured and encrypted

    The internal hardware components and firmware architecture are encrypted using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). This means that even in the unlikely event of a foreign intrusion into the cabinet, no data can be read, manipulated or downloaded.

    For more details on the procedure, please call us!

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