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Asset Management in High Security Industry

Asset Management in High Security Industry

ecos expertise in ensuring Secure Asset Organisation in High Security

Electronic key cabinets and specialised systems in a police station in France

Typical application of one of our customers

ecos systems is a leading global manufacturer of electronic key cabinets and object management systems. With the highest security standards, we support our customers in managing their assets securely & efficiently.

From many years of experience with many police stations and military organisations worldwide, we know what is important to you. In four application areas, ecos systems can support you in making your processes more efficient and secure.

  1. For weapons and ammunition in the armory
  2. For radios inside/outside the armory
  3. For equipment such as pepper sprays and tasers inside/ outside the armory
  4. For room keys inside/ outside the armory

Our intelligent and motorised locker systems and key management systems are already in use at over 50 police stations worldwide. Our portfolio includes the management of over 200 firearms with ammunition, 300 radios, pepper sprays, tasers, and thousands of keys.

Object management for weapons and ammunition

Your service weapons and ammunition are important work equipment that must be appropriately protected and safely managed. In our product portfolio, we have various options with which you can configure a system that meets your security and efficiency requirements.

The first decision is how your object management system should be structured. Three different best practices have emerged over the years:

Storage of weapon and ammunition in two separate compartments

Storage of weapon and ammunition within one compartment

Storage of weapon and ammunition within one compartment with additional compartment for ammunition

Various possible combinations

Storage of weapon and ammunition in two separate compartments

Storage of weapon and ammunition
in two separate compartments

For this purpose, the ammunition is managed in a separate compartment to weapons, equipment and co. The officer usually has access to their entire equipment in a depot 1m or the weapon individually with the self-closing drawer 1m/2. The ammunition is secured in a separate compartment, usually a depot 1m with poly-carbonate front. The separation of weapon and live ammunition increases the level of security and allows access only with the help of the multi-user authentication function.

Storage of weapon and ammunition within a compartment

Storage of weapon and ammunition
within one compartment

As a second variant, our motorized L-drawer models are mostly used. Depending on the height of the ammunition and other equipment, L-1/3 or L-1/2 sizes are usually used. Here, a foam insert is laser cut to the exact dimensions of your weapon, ammunition box, baton etc.. This provides a comfortable and standardized dispensing experience for the end user.

Storage of weapon and ammunition within one compartment with additional compartment for ammunition

Storage of weapon and ammunition within one compartment with additional compartment for ammunition.

As a third variant, an extra lockable compartment is integrated inside the ecos drawer, usually for a somewhat higher security requirement. This ammunition compartment can then only be opened with the key managed in our electronic key cabinet. This gives you a two-stage process for securing live ammunition.

Experience shows that the following functions support the efficient and highly secure management of your equipment:

Multi user- and Multi factor - Authentication

Individual access rights

Each of your agents has their own access rights. This allows them to be uniquely identified by our system and have their actions logged. Access to our systems can be granted by several methods as standard, such as PIN code, RFID card or fingerprint/vein reader. These three methods can not only be used individually, but also in combination with each other. Furthermore, in addition to multi-factor authentication, multi-user authentication is also possible. Thus, highly sensitive material is only accessible when a second person defined by you confirms access.

Immediate alert in case of delay

Immediate alert in case of delay

All our products are connected to our alarm module, which can issue over 50 different alarms. This can be used to monitor late returns: When you set up the object management system, you create schedules, usually your different shifts, which you assign to your officers. If someone is 15 minutes late returning from their shift, the defined supervisor of the group and/or the person receives an alarm.

The alert of a late return can also be configured without a schedule using only a time duration: If X hours after the weapon has been taken out, it has not been returned, the alarm is sent. This can also be done as a mobile push notification.

Intelligent content recognition in an ecos depot

Intelligent content recognition

With the help of RFID recognition of the weapon and equipment as well as weight recognition of the ammunition, the presence of each object can be recorded. This means that not only is the compartment door opening used as a safeguard, but the actual object to be secured can be declared 100% present. The status is indicated acoustically and visually via RGB LED. Thus, even without software, an overview becomes clear at a glance. This makes it possible to react immediately in the event of a break-in with unauthorized removal. With an integrated alarm relay, the safe room for example can be locked immediately in the event of such an alarm.

Gap dimensions according to military safety standards

Gap dimensions according to military safety standards

In a four-year process, our drawers were subjected to various tests by the Federal Office for Safety.

As a result, our ecos drawer is now so secure with 3mm steel thickness and under 1mm gap dimensions that they are approved for use in the military. Tests such as forcing the opening through a thin object like a sheet of paper have failed.

Handguns in ecos drawer und ecos depot

Handgun within ecos drawer
Handgun in motorized
ecos drawer 1m/2
Handgun in the ecos depot locker
Handgun in locker ecos depot 1m

Long arms

Dismantled long gun in ecos drawer
Long gun in motorized
ecos drawer 3M/3
Long gun in custom fit foam insert
Long gun in ecos drawer 3M/3
with custom-fit foam insert
Long gun in ecos drawer
Long gun in ecos drawer 3M/3, handgun in ecos depot 1m

Weight detection for ammunition

Your advantages with ecos object management systems

Intelligent drawers and lockers with LED display

Immediate reaction to errors through intelligent compartments

In classic safe deposit boxes, the objects are secured by thick metal doors. However, you cannot see from the outside whether the weapon or the equipment is actually still in the compartment.

The intelligent locker systems from ecos show you the current status of each compartment directly on the system and online: The drawers and depots register the removal and return of each object with ID, RFID or weight recognition. An LED on the outside of the compartment door shows you whether the compartment is currently occupied.

The locker system also transmits this data to our ecos webman software. There, as an administrator, you can track every use and the current status of each locker in real time and from any internet-enabled device.

This also makes it possible to immediately send an alarm via web, email or push notification if an individually configured withdrawal period or unauthorized object withdrawals are exceeded.

With the personal access control of the intelligent lockers, it can be precisely determined and also tracked which person opened which locker at what time.

Automated closure of the compartments for a seamless security concept

Classic safe deposit boxes as well as standardized electronic boxes have a common potential traceability gap in the process: the closing of the locker door by humans.

Especially in stressful situations, users of the locker system may forget to close the locker door again after removing or returning an object. Especially in the case of service weapons or similar equipment requiring security, this becomes a significant security gap, as third parties can gain access to the weapon or similar at will without this being traceable. 

ecos drawer systems avoid this traceability gap by means of motorised compartments that close automatically after a defined period of time. You can set this period individually in the system software, for example to 5, 10 or 30 seconds. Automatic closing prevents human error and increases the quality of your security concept.

ecos drawer - systems are only half the size of ecos depots

Space-saving design

There is often only limited space in a secured area. Using this properly is important here.

The electronic drawer systems ecos drawer are designed in such a way that the required object slides out of the cabinet. This means that no space has to be wasted for a hand to reach into the drawer to remove the object.

This space-saving design of ecos drawers saves you 50% space compared to the significantly larger ecos depots.

Object management for radio equipment

Your radios are an essential part of your equipment. Just like your official weapon and ammunition, they must also be managed securely and protected from access. Our systems offer you individual configuration options according to your daily procedures.

To ensure that your radio equipment is always fully operational, we offer you various charging options for your drawer and depots:

✓ Different currents 5V, 12V, 230V
✓ Sockets or individual holders
✓ LED on the outside of the drawer shows the charging status
✓ Combination with ID or RFID recognition

Charging function in compartments for radio devices

Charging function in all compartments for full readiness of the radios when going on duty

Our depots and drawers can be equipped with an individual charging station. Classic sockets are just as possible here as custom-fit holders for your radio equipment. Depending on your needs, the holders can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle. The power connection in the compartment ensures that your radios are always fully charged on time when you start work.

5V, 12V or 230V for charging electronic devices

5V, 12V or 230V possible

The type of power supply in the compartment is also freely selectable. In addition to the classic 12 V charging connection for radios, 5 V or 230 V can also be connected. This means you can also charge other power-operated devices such as mobile phones and laptops in your compartments.

LED display on the outside of the compartment with ID plug

LED display on the outside of the compartment shows the current charging status

All our drawers and lockers have an RGB LED on the outside of the stainless steel front. This always shows whether the corresponding compartment is currently occupied and whether the object in it has already been loaded. Compared to conventional compartments, you can thus see directly on the system at a glance which equipment is currently ready for use.

Complete equipment set managed in one compartment

Combinable with other equipment via ID and RFID recognition

With our modular drawers and depots, you don’t have to decide for each item individually. If you want to manage a key or bunch of keys in the same compartment as your radio, we offer you our ID recognition for key slots. Alternatively, with our multiple RFID recognition, you can also store entire equipment sets in one compartment in a secure and traceable manner. The compartment recognizes up to 4 items with 99.99% certainty and only switches the status LED of the compartment to green when all items have been recognized.

Variants of the management of radio equipment in the ecos depot 1m

Radio in ecos depot with charging function
Radio in charging station on pedestal
in ecos depot with stainless steel door
Radio in the electronic locker
Radio in charging station
in ecos depot with polycarbonate door

Object management for equipment

Your additional equipment such as tasers and pepper sprays also needs special protection against unauthorized access. Nevertheless, your staff need to be able to access all their equipment quickly and easily when they come on duty. To make your processes as efficient as possible, our motorized drawers and lockers allow you to manage all your equipment needed for duty in a secure and traceable way, if required.

To ensure that all your equipment is always complete and properly stored,
there are several options available for your locker system:

✓ Storage of single or multiple pieces of equipment in a compartment.

✓ Optionally with weight sensors, ID recognition or RFID recognition

✓ Personalized assignment of all units to specific persons

✓ Multi factor and multi-user authentication

Equipment management: pepper sprays and tasers

Pepper sprays in ecos drawer
Multiple pepper sprays in
motorised ecos drawer 3M/3
Taser within ecos drawer
Taser on foam insert in motorised
ecos drawer 3M/3

Key management in the high security area

Your keys grant you access to ammunition, rooms, buildings and vehicles. They must therefore be managed securely and, above all, in a traceable manner. Our electronic key cabinets offer you this according to your needs, from a few to many hundreds of keys. 

With electronic key cabinets, you get digitized value management of your keys according to the highest security standards.

Individual access rights ensure full control over which employee is allowed to remove which key at which time.

✓ Complete history for absolute traceability of all openings in real time

✓ Suitable for room, building and vehicle keys

✓ Individual number of slots according to your needs

Vehicle and ammunition key management

Key management on a grand scale at the police station
400 activated slots in ecos key 240 + ecos ext 240
Management of vehicle and ammunition keys at the police station
Ammunition key in ecos key 40 with stainless steel door

Three generations of key management in one image

3 generations of key management in one image

Handwritten – Key book

Keeping only a handwritten key book is the riskiest way to manage your keys. Human errors in particular, e.g. if an employee forgets to sign in, lead to gaps in the security concept here. The keys themselves are also not managed in an access-protected manner.

Automated – Key cabinet with list

In the electronic key cabinet on the right in the picture, the keys are stored safely and clearly. However, on such a small LCD display, working and tracking is cumbersome and time-consuming. The information needed has to be looked up in the ecos webman web software. If only the last officer needs to be called out quickly, this is cumbersome.

Digitized – ecos key cabinet with 7″ touch display

The current electronic key cabinet is the safest and most efficient way to manage your important keys. The integrated 7″ touch display allows you to work comfortably directly on the system. The keys are displayed graphically and in tabular form. The search function speeds up the removal of keys, especially in larger lockers. In the history, you can also easily check who last removed which key. 

As an administrator, you can also assign rights, create users, create groups and make settings directly on the system without having to open the ecos webman web software on your PC. Administration on the Go saves you valuable time, especially in stressful everyday life.

Some of our High Security Customers

Securitas Offenbach

The Driving license and alcohol control is possible to use without the help of the staff. Due to the 24/7 availability, a complete documentation is possible.

Vitos Hadamar

Electronic locker systems with RFID recognition enable Vitos to offer its employees an individual locker for depositing security-relevant objects.

United Nations Office Geneva

The United Nations in Geneva manages 300 weapons with motorised drawers from ecos. The corresponding ammunition is stored in access protected ecos depots.

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