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Work equipment management with electronic locker systems

Al Logistik

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Full commitment in logistics.
Electronic object management ensures smooth shift changes.

With its 45 trucks, Al Logistik GmbH is the link between industrial companies, producers and trade. Through precise pick-ups and deliveries, they ensure a smooth flow in daily business life. The approximately 200 employees – consisting of dispatchers, drivers, office staff, mechanics and warehouse workers – always have the highest possible added value towards their customers as their goal. In order to provide the best possible service, all transport tasks are carried out with our own vehicles that comply with the latest environmental regulations.

The electronic management of work material through a locker system as well as two key cabinets from ecos helped Al Logistik to organise the shift changes of the different professional groups even more efficiently

Products used:

Dietmar Kalbrecht

“The use of the systems is very well accepted by the staff.
Thanks to the ease of use, even by older and/or non-tech-savvy employees.”

Dietmar Kalbrecht – Managing Director

The challenge:
Work equipment management during shift change

At AL Logistik, different occupational groups such as warehouse workers, order pickers as well as the night shift need access to their work material in the form of tablets at different times. Before the introduction of the new object management systems, these were often left in lockers, offices or comparable places, resulting in time-consuming searches. In addition, tablets were not always fully charged when they were needed. Better coordination between the different groups was also difficult due to the different working hours.

Accordingly, Al Logistik was looking for a way to manage its tablets in a centrally organised and comprehensible way. Due to the shift work, it was an absolute prerequisite that all work material could be made available at all times of the day and night. In order to ensure that the tablets are fully ready for use during each shift, it should also be possible to charge them while they are in storage.

In addition to the object management of the tablets, Al Logistik also wanted to be able to store customer keys securely. A system with access control was to be introduced so that the keys could only be removed by authorised persons.

ecos locker system with 42 1Mx1/3 and 6 1Mx2/3 depots i
ecos Premium key cabinets
Compartment system and key cabinet at Al Logistik

Our solution:
Access rights for locker systems

An ecos locker system with 42 1Mx1/3 and 6 1Mx2/3 depots in combination with two M Premium key cabinets was able to meet all requirements.

The intelligent assignment of rights controlled by our ecos webman software enables Al Logistik to easily create individual access rights and times for the individual user groups. By automatically issuing all objects, 24/7 availability of all valuables is guaranteed.

An important advantage is the integrated charging function of the individual electronic lockers. It allows the tablets to be charged during their rest periods in the locker system and is always available to the staff at the start of their shift, fully ready for use. The current charging status of each device is indicated by pulsing LEDs on the locker.

The electronic property management now also provides AL Logistik with traceability of all property movements. Administrators can quickly see in the history who took out which work material at what time. Even in the case of a forgotten return, missing tablets can be found quickly and assigned to the corresponding employee.

Customer keys can now also be managed electronically efficiently and securely. For this purpose, two key cabinets are used in the adjacent area of the locker system. The simple assignment of different access rights in our software ensures that only certain people can access the keys.

The result:
Safe management of work equipment

All AL Logisik tablets and keys are now securely stored in ecos electronic object management systems. Only those employees who need their work material at the current time are given access to it. The central administration also ensures that all tablets are stored and loaded at the place designated for them. This ensures a smooth process during shift changes.

Building on its success so far, the company plans to expand its systems in the future: For the drivers of the trucks, an additional driver’s licence check is to be integrated for authentication at the compartment system. In this way, the employees’ fitness to drive can also be ensured in a simple and comprehensible way.

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