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More than just gambling.
An electronic locker system ensures efficient mail distribution.

The German Class Lottery Berlin is dedicated to the task of conducting lotteries and games of chance on behalf of the State of Berlin. Around 170 employees are committed to the smooth running of gaming operations, always with a view to preventing gambling addiction. In order to process the almost 18.9 million gaming orders that are placed in one year alone, Lotto Berlin makes use of modern technologies in all areas.

The extensive internal mail system of the office is optimised by an electronic object management system from ecos. The automation and digitalisation of the processes relieves the porter service in particular in its daily tasks.

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Marcel Beyer – Human Resources

“We wanted to try to be a bit more modern, more contemporary about the situation.
With the locker system we are once again up to date.”

Marcel Beyer – Human Resources

The challenge

With its numerous orders and employees, the 4-storey Berlin office is dependent on an extensive internal mail system. In order to adapt this to the modern technologies of the operation, it was to be supplemented by a contemporary distribution system.

Before the introduction of the electronic locker system, messengers and porters had to travel from floor to floor twice a day with designated trolleys and distribute the mail there by hand. For each of the numerous departments, baskets were available in the entrance area, in which incoming and outgoing mail was stored, separated only by differently colored folders.

This system was cumbersome and time-consuming, especially because of the many corridors and floors in the building: Staff had to wait for the slow-moving messengers, even for urgent mail. They, in turn, spent several hours a day distributing the mail to the various departments.

In order to modernise the mail distribution processes, a solution was sought that would relieve the burden on the messenger and porter service in particular. The new distribution system was to be up-to-date and correspond to the latest technology.

lotto Berlin locker system

The employees now go to the locker system on their own instead of waiting for the messenger delivery service.

electronic lockers for mail

After authenticating at the system, they open their assigned electronic depot and retrieve the incoming mail.

electronic locker systems for packages

Outgoing mail is now handed in directly to the gatekeepers next to the locker system. They receive the mail…

electronic depot lockers

… sort it to the according departments, and place it in the appropriate depot of the locker.

Our solution

An electronic locker system with ecos depot type lockers was able to efficiently relieve the workflows of Lotto Berlin.

The basic principle of mail distribution is still the same: Incoming and outgoing mail is separated by different coloured folders. However, instead of the baskets in the entrance area of each department, each department has now been assigned its own electronic locker in the compartment system. The mail is collected centrally in this locker and picked up flexibly by the staff of each department.

Accidentally taking away the “wrong” mail is not possible thanks to the intelligent assignment of rights by ecos. Each employee only has access to the compartments assigned to him in his respective department. The clear allocation of compartments avoids human error and helps to ensure that every letter arrives where it is needed.

The messenger and porter service now also receives the outgoing mail collectively. They sort it into the various departments and place it in the appropriate electronic locker. The required access to all lockers in the facility is simply assigned to employees of the department by the group management in the ecos webman software.

The result

The changeover to the new object management system was facilitated by the intuitive operation of the input mask on the locker system. Lotto Berlin also skilfully combined the established processes with the new electronic locker system, so that employees from all departments only needed a short time to get used to it. They benefited from the variability in the application possibilities offered by the intelligent systems from ecos.

Thanks to the electronic locker system, the mail distribution processes could be significantly optimised. The individual “mailrooms” in the entrance area of the individual departments were removed. Since the employees now collect the mail independently, they are much more flexible in their working methods and can access urgent mail at any time.

Above all, the messenger and porter service is enormously relieved by the central administration: According to estimates by Marcel Beyer from the Human Resources Department, there is a daily time saving of 90-95% per aisle. The time thus gained can now be invested in other, more important tasks.

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