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Electronic key management system providing full control over keys
The modern way to key management

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Family homes under full control with ecos electronic key cabinet

Knowing where to find the master keys!

Familjebostäder is one of the largest property owners in Gothenburg with roughly 19,000 apartments and tenants from Donsö in the southwestern archipelago to Bergsjön in northeastern Gothenburg. The company‘s mission is to contribute to a better Gothenburg by managing and developing rental properties and residential areas. Familjebostäder puts the dialogue with both tenants and the citizens of Gothenburg in focus and characterizes their services by closeness, openness, and cooperation.

In order to enhance the living conditions of tenants, contractors frequently need numerous keys. ecos electronic key management system not just helped the company by making the key lending process easy but more efficient too.  

Products used:

Lars Gustafsson – Area Manager

“ We have already taken the next step and ordered another key cabinet from ecos, because now we have really honed in on a solution that works well for our business. I also know that there are many other real estate companies that work in a similar way that would also benefit greatly from these key cabinets.“

Lars Gustafsson – Area Manager

The challenge:
Time consuming traditional key management

Every day, property managers, electricians, and plumbers move around Familjebostäder‘s premises and carry out work to improve the tenants‘ living environment. For that purpose, they regularly need keys to the right spaces. Previously key management was a messy process where paper and binders were playing the main role. A typical day could be described as follows: a property manager rushes out the door with a key in hand, jumps into a car, and drives away quickly. He is met by a plumber who wants to collect a key to a laundry room in the area. At Familjebostäder in Gothenburg‘s district office in Majorna, much revolves around the 389 master keys that are used for the public areas of the rental apartments.

The company simply did not have a good enough grasp of where all the keys were and everyone involved managed keys differently. Some used paper forms for receipts that were inserted into binders and others kept that information in their heads. It was clear that such manual processes were outdated and highly inefficient. The company needed a better solution.

Familjebostäder building
Familjebostäder key management system

Our solution:
State-of-the-art electronic key cabinet

The solution was our web-based electronic key cabinet that provides full control over all keys. The key cabinet now saves a lot of time since the administrative work around key management is automated. All employees and contractors who move around the properties have a so-called ID 06 card, which is used to retrieve and return keys.

Additionally, Familjebostäder has invested in an accompanying rotating screen that can be used by both their own staff inside the reception area and the external contractors outside.

All in all, the Area Manager of Familjebostäder is satisfied with the collaboration with ecos systems and feels that the company has been responsive to the requests regarding the functions of the key cabinet. Now an electronic key cabinet from ecos has become an integral part of the company‘s everyday operations making them easier and more efficient.

ecos key control systems advantages

Concrete advantages:

• Time savings spent coordinating
• Avoid the costs of rekeying a building
• Employee stress reduction
• Improved company structure

The result:
Time saved spent on more productive work

Familjebostäder’s investment in the electronic key cabinet turned out to be a game changer for the way the company was managing keys. Now no contractor has to waste their time searching for the required keys. And since the keys are only issued to the authorized personnel and everything is documented, the inefficiencies pertaining to employees’ negligence were also eliminated.

Considering everything a great amount of time wasted before because of traditional key management is now being used for the betterment of tenants’ surroundings.

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