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Electronic key cabinet helping with lending keys
Managing several keys at ease

AB Sjöbohem
Service providers
Medium-sized company

Lending out keys with peace of mind through the key management system

Manage several parties on autopilot with full security

AB Sjöbohem is a municipal real estate company that operates in Sjöbo municipality. The management includes apartments with a total area of 53,755 m² and premises with a total area of 85,861 m². In addition, the company manages municipally owned schools, industrial properties, and homes for the elderly.

The business was started in 2005 and is aimed at the acquisition, development, selling, and managing of properties within Sjöbo to provide housing and premises based on customer needs.

The electronic key cabinet helped AB Sjöbohem to standardise and digitize its key issuing to employees and entrepreneurs and thus increasing their work efficiency.

Products used:
Electronic key cabinets of 3 sizes from ecos system

Electronic key cabinets

key managment software

ecos webman

Sven-Eric Andersson – Property Manager

“This key cabinet is one of the best things we‘ve purchased for our business. We‘ve had about 25 other property companies, both private and municipal, come and look at the room with the locker. Everyone agrees with us that this is a smart solution.“

Sven-Eric Andersson – Property Manager

The challenge:
A great amount of time wasted in the search for keys

The safe where Sjöbohem‘s property keys were kept had become a stumbling block. Every time when there was a job to be done in a particular building, the employees wasted a lot of time finding the right key from one of the numerous compartments. When entrepreneurs came to the office to borrow keys, a receipt was written by hand. One of the company‘s employees was completely committed to handing over the keys and documenting them.

It was clear that such a manual process was outdated and highly inefficient. The possibility of digitizing this process seemed to be a better solution for the company. That is how the Property Manager of AB Bjönhem first came into contact with ecos systems.

Our solution:
Automatic issuing of keys with key control system

As a solution to the problem, an electronic key cabinet with space for 720 keys was installed in a special room for key management. The cabinet now stores keys to electrical control panels, master keys to the apartments, and car keys to service vehicles. In addition, the keys are colour-coded for clarity and double security.

Now contractors carrying out work in Sjöbohem‘s properties enter the camera-monitored room from outside via their ID 06 card, and then open the key cabinet in the same way. Sjöbohems‘ own staff instead use a door from inside the office. Also, the lending of keys takes place completely automatically through an electronic key cabinet from ecos, making the company‘s everyday operations easier and more efficient.

AB Sjöbohem office
Sven-Eric with electronic key cabinet

The result:
Efficient key management

The use of electronic key cabinets has completely changed the way of working in AB Sjöbohem. Now a full-time employee is not solely required to just hand over the keys. Those who need keys come to the special room and lending takes place completely automatically and independently of the employees who work there. No one has to keep an eye on whether the keys have been returned or not. 

Since everything is documented, when a key is not returned in time, an email is sent informing the property manager about it. He can then accordingly take the required action.


Key numbers


144,000 m²

are managed in
Sjöbo municipality