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Secure valuables efficiently
and manage them access protected

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Security and protection at all levels.
Electronic locker systems in full operation around the clock.

The Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai provides innovative services related to citizenship, residency and port access in the United Arab Emirates. Over 50,000 people use its services every year.

The Immigration Center uses ecos electronic locker systems to implement an object management system for the storage of applicants’ personal belongings. The system is available around the clock and does not require any staff.

Products used:

The challenge:
operation around the clock

The Dubai Immigration Office was looking for a solution for the safekeeping of personal belongings at all times of the day and night. Separated into men and women, each applicant was to be allocated a compartment to store his or her valuables for the duration of their medical visa examination.

Initially, the security of the temporarily stored items was of primary importance here. Due to the high number of people entering and leaving every day, a reliable object management system had to be set up in which access to the individual items could only be assigned to the owner. In case of any security risks, an emergency system should nevertheless be integrated, where the security service could gain access to all compartments.

ecos electronic locker system for the management of personal valuables
medium and large compartments
electronic locker systems using ecos depots to manage valuables

Our solution:
electronic locker systems with highest security standards

Several ecos depot electronic locker systems were used in the Dubai Immigration Centre. The total of 2,000 lockers vary in two different sizes, depot M (270mm x 300mm x 500mm) and depot L (430mm x 450mm x 500mm), in order to also offer a suitable storage location for larger items of luggage.

Authentication at the system in Dubai is done by fingerprint sensor. This simple and elegant form of identification meets the highest demands for ease of use and security in equal measure.

To meet the security requirements of the GDRFA, multi-user authentication was also integrated into the system. This application, which is comparable to the four-eyes principle, makes it possible to open every compartment of the locking systems in an emergency.

To ensure that this mode can only be activated in emergencies and by authorised personnel, an administrator and a member of the security staff must log on to the system together. Only after successful authentication of both persons can the otherwise access-protected compartments be opened.

The result:
access-protected management of valuables

With the electronic locker systems, a suitable solution for the demands of the Immigration Centre could be implemented.

The intelligent lockers now enable efficient and secure storage of personal belongings at any time of the day or night. Thanks to the LEDs on the outside of each locker displaying the current status of each depot, users and administrators can immediately see which and how many lockers are still available. The secure access control via fingerprint also ensures that the systems can remain in operation around the clock without any personnel effort.

The special challenge of the emergency mode could also be solved confidently thanks to the implementation of multi-user authentication. The security service can now always access the contents of all lockers quickly and easily in case of emergency.

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