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Central and easy administration for delivery tours

kutzer bakery

Kutzer bakery

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Fresh bread rolls every day.
An electronic key cabinet ensures efficient delivery rounds.

The Kutzer bakery in the Upper Palatinate is considered one of the oldest in Bavaria with over 200 years of existence. With 54 branches and almost 600 employees, it supplies the entire region with fresh baked goods every day. Employees deliver goods to almost 70 delivery customers via the company‘s own delivery fleet.

An electronic key management system from ecos helps to make route planning much more efficient. The groups function of our software ecos webman proves to be especially handy for this.

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Administrative Manager of Kutzer bakery Matthias Martin

„ The key cabinet was a great relief for us.
We had a normal key cabinet before. […]
The new key cabinet has solved all these difficulties. “

Matthias Martin – Administrative Manager

The challenge:
Early morning delivery times

In order to be able to deliver to all customers on time, the drivers of the 10 trucks and 4 Sprinters in the bakery‘s fleet start their service early in the day, usually around 3 am. As there are no sales staff on site at the first branches on the delivery route around the time of arrival, the drivers depend on their customer keys.

Only by using them they can deliver the baked goods to the branch as required. Without a key, they would have to place the goods outside the door without permission or wait for the sales staff to arrive, which would lead to severe delays along the rest of the route.

In the past, it has happened that a driver accidentally took the wrong key with him or forgot to return a key at the end of work. This caused considerable difficulties in delivering the baked goods.

Accordingly, Backhaus Kutzer was looking for a solution to make their key distribution more traceable and efficient. The aim was to ensure that each driver only removes the keys they need for their route that day.

Administration of delivery routes in the ecos webman software
ecos electronic key cabinet at kutzer bakery
RFID- based authentification at the electronic key management system at Kutzer bakery

Our solution: 
intelligent rights concept for digital tour administration

An electronic key cabinet from ecos, in combination with the intelligent rights concept of our ecos webman software, was able to meet all requirements.

The new system ensures that only the keys needed for the respective tour are retrieved. This is done via the group function of the access rights assignment in the software:

The 14 vehicles of the bake house were divided into two different groups depending on the type of vehicle, to which the drivers were assigned accordingly. Truck drivers are accordingly part of the user group „Truck drivers“ in the system, while Sprinter drivers are assigned to the group „Sprinter users“.

The route planning of the individual trips is now carried out centrally by the administrator. He assigns the customer keys for the individual trips in the system to an object group, „Tour 1, Tour 2, …“ etc. . The individual tours are then assigned to the most suitable user group, „truck driver“ or „sprinter user“.

When the drivers go to the electronic key cabinet at the start of work, they first authenticate themselves via RFID chip. The system‘s LCD screen then displays important data about their access rights as well as the tours scheduled for that day for their group.

The drivers select a tour and open the key cabinet by entering a PIN code. By lighting up LED’s at the key slots, the system now shows them directly which keys are needed for the selected tour and can thus be removed. However, if the wrong key is accidentally removed, a warning tone sounds and the administrator is notified immediately.

Adding new customers and branches is also quick and easy. Administrators simply assign the key to a suitable tour and place it in the corresponding group. From this moment on, the drivers of the tour are prompted by the system to also take out the additional key.

Increase in customer satisfaction

Since the introduction of the electronic key cabinet at Backhaus Kutzer, customer satisfaction among delivery customers has increased significantly.

The intelligent system reduces human error when removing keys through group allocation and the exclusive activation of required keys. This avoids the accidental removal of incorrect keys. As it is ensured that every driver has access to all required keys, there are no more delays along the delivery route.

For customers, this means that their goods are there on time every day when the shop opens. In addition, their level of trust is increased because the important shop keys are now protected and traceably stored in a key cabinet at Backhaus Kutzer.

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