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Time-saving, efficient key management

Medium-sized company

Keys can now be managed securely and efficiently in different areas of the company, in a way that’s easy to understand and transparent.

The highest standards of quality and service characterize the Dillinger Group’s leading companies in their collaboration with customers in the heavy plate sector.

This includes the activities of an integrated steelworks, such as the production of coke and pig iron through the subsidiaries Zentralkokerei Saar GmbH and ROGESA Roheisengesellschaft Saar mbH, jointly owned with Saarstahl AG, as well as the manufacture of liquid steel and semi-finished products. Heavy plate is produced at two sites: Forges et Aciéries de Dilling in Dillingen and Dillinger France in Dunkirk.

Products used:
Electronic key cabinets of 3 sizes from ecos system

Electronic key cabinets

ecos webman software

ecos webman

The challenge:

In front of the ecos key cabinets, keys were managed using labels corresponding to each zone, so they could be traced back to which key they belonged.

Our solution:

Three areas each use an electronic key cabinet, so that each area has its own key management system.

The result:

Since 2005, the Dillinger company has been successfully commissioning electronic key cabinets from ecos system. Since then, colleagues have been working with intelligent key management on a daily basis. Keys are distributed securely 70 to 80 times a day.

Dillinger now saves an hour on key issuance and an hour on key receipt – every day!

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key cabinets


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