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Store customer keys securely with electronic key management

Nursing services Klasen


Small company


Focus on the people.
A modern key management system for the nursingservice.

Pflegedienste Klasen has been a family-run business since it was founded in 1991. From treatment care to driving services to caretaker services, Pflegedienste Klasen offers its customers a wide range of quality services for care in old age. The trust and satisfaction of their customers are particularly important to them in all their activities.

In order to make their daily processes for handling customer keys even more transparent, the Klasen care services decided to modernise their key management system with an ecos xm key 180 key cabinet.

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Benjamin Klasen – Owner at Nursing services Klasen

“It is impossible to imagine life without the key system.
We could no longer work without such a system.”

Benjamin Klasen – Owner

The challenge:
Key management system with remote management

The Klasen nursing services had already been using one of the first electronic key management systems from ecos for many years. This made them the first of their kind in North Rhine-Westphalia to have a comparable system.

The certification of the company according to DIN9001 at that time made it necessary that the storage locations of all customer keys could be disclosed at any time. Before the introduction of electronic key management, this was not possible due to the sheer size of the company. At the same time, the system was intended to reinforce customers‘ confidence in the secure storage of their keys.

With the introduction of our ecos care cloud service, the care services now wanted to once again live up to their reputation as pioneers in the security of customer keys, and bring their key management system up to the state of the art. One of the most important goals of the modernisation was to implement remote management of all keys. Also, the overview of key movements, which was previously still linked to the system, was now to be viewable on a mobile basis.

Our solution:
Real-time tracking of all key movements

After 23 years of using an ecos key cabinet, the new solution for the Klasen care services also came from ecos. Due to the years of positive experience with our support and services, as well as the overall quality, for Managing Director Klasen it was „never an option to contact another provider“.

The new system, an ecos xm key 180 key cabinet, was equipped with the brand new cloud service ecos care. This enables real-time tracking of all key movements from any electronic end device. This way, the staff of the on-call service, among others, can now independently check in the software at any time where which key is currently located via app.

Another advantage of the new system is the optimised traceability. Thanks to the complete history, the care services were able to prove exactly that vehicle keys were conscientiously returned to the key cabinet after the end of the service. This confirmed to the tax office that all pool vehicles were used exclusively in a professional context.

electronic key management system
ecos key cabinet

Transparent handling of customer keys

The new key management system also fully meets the expectations of the nursing services Klasen. The new user interface of the ecos webman system software allows administrators to set individual access rights for individual employees quickly.

In particular, the real-time data transfer between the key cabinet and the software made possible by ecos care has significantly optimised the care service‘s processes compared to the previous system. Thanks to the constant traceability of all key movements from any location and terminal device, employees can now be contacted even faster if a key is needed at short notice.

The relationship with customers also benefits from the new system, which has been specially optimised for the requirements of care services. The secure and transparent management of keys in accordance with ISO and DSGVO standards reinforces the trust of customers in the secure management of their assets at Pflegedienste Klasen.

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