Donation Campaigns 2019


TV Erlenbach

TV Erlenbach


On 03.12 ecos systems GmbH donated an amount of 1000 € to the department "rhythmic gymnastics" of TV Erlenbach. Our CEO, Dr. Hansjürgen Becker, thanks the coaches of the children and youth gymnastics for their great commitment and caring support to all children. Recently, as he picked up his daughter from children's gymnastics, he was very impressed by the enthusiasm of the children and the work of the coaches. He then talked to one of the coaches and offered a donation. With this one, he wants to support the club in getting children interested in sports activities at an early age.

Kunstraum in Churfranken e.V.

Art space in Churfranken e.V.


On 11.12. ecos systems GmbH donated an amount of 1000 € to the art gallery “KUNSTRAUM in Churfranken e.V.“. Our CEO, Dr. Hansjürgen Becker, wants to give the association the opportunity to invite all families from the surrounding area to the gallery once a month, on a Saturday. The children can paint under the supervision and guidance of the association members and further develop their more artificial and creative abilities. Meanwhile, the parents can visit the galleries or explore the historic center of Klingenberg. Dr. Becker wants to promote the regional art scene, especially creativity and cooperation with children and teenagers.