Keys and valuable objects are managed by our key cabinets worldwide in all industries. Representative applications are listed below. With many thousands of systems worldwide, we have been active on the market for decades. Would you not see yourself represented by our selection, please ask our partners and sales contacts for references or solutions from your area.

Mietwagen Ausgabesysten

Terminal for car rental


A worldwide car rental company wants to install automatic terminals for the distribution of car keys at numerous international airports.

The barcode of the driver´s license shall be read and used as an access medium.


In this case, our drawer system, ecos drawer, is the perfect answer.

The required barcode reader is connected to our terminal, and the bidirectional data transmission is achieved through a SOAP interface.

Landesweite Fuhrparkverwaltung Aufgabe

Nationwide carpool management


A large organisation was looking for an automated solution for the management of their carpool.

The reservation and distribution of the car keys needed to be implemented for the staff on a 24/7 basis.

The client required data transmission of pseudonymised user information by an internal, highly secured network.

A complete solution including hardware and software as well as GSM communication was to be provided and operated.

Landesweite Fuhrparkverwaltung Lösung


More than 500 key management systems of our ecos premium were installed nationwide, in order to ensure management of a carpool of over 10.000 vehicles. All systems are communicating using 3G/4G with the ecos Cloud.

More than 100.000 drivers have access to the carpool using: 

  • the ecos reserve app for Android and iOS
  • the ecos terminals on-site
  • the ecos webman internet site


Weapon compartments


All existing weapons and their ammunition are supposed to be monitored and automaticaly managed by a locker system. The existing armory had to be used, which was designed for only half of the actual weapons stored.

In addition, handguns should only be assigned individually to employees. Long weapons only to the members of each duty shift.

The ammunition should be stored separately from weapons and follow the same output criteria. A visual inspection should be possible.


All weapons were labeled with RFID tags. Due to the lack of space, different sizes of ecos drawers were used. All weapons were labeled with RFID tags. Due to the lack of space, different sizes of ecos drawers were used.

The ammunition was kept in lockers with transparent panes of the type ecos depot to allow a visual inspection.The ammunition was kept in lockers with transparent panes of the type ecos depot to allow a visual inspection.

The handguns and ammunition magazines were provided The handguns and ammunition magazines were provided individually with access rights to the employees.

The long weapons were divided into groups of objects and assigned via group permission to multiple employees of a shift.


Mailbox system


A mailbox system had to be developed with an access-protected space for the automated distribution of external post and confidential internal documents.

For safety concerns it was not allowed to use the IT infrastructure of the company.

Due to data protection requirements (postal privacy) the recipient had to remain anonymous as far as possible. His personal data was not allowed to be stored locally in the system.


Lockers were used of the product range ecos depot. The system is self-sufficient and informes the user via GSM-modem about their post.

The post office of the company or other internal staff can distribute post or other documents to the compartments and then enter the cell phone number of the recipient. The recipient will receive a SMS from the PO Box system including an access PIN, the compartment number and a message about the deposited object.

With a valid access card and the received PIN, the receiver can pick up his mail or documents at the system.


Luggage locker system


In the parking garage of an airport, vandal-resistant lockers in different sizes for traveling and carry-on luggage had to be installed. Some selected compartments should have a 230 volt power supply. One compartment should even enable storing sets of golf clubs or ski equipment.

The compartments should have no individual payment units, but a central control unit that accepts coins, banknotes and later also credit cards.

Reopening the compartments should only take place centrally via Reopening the compartments should only take place centrally via barcode tickets. The use of single keys per compartment should be omitted.

The control unit should allow the use of a tariff system after time periods and days of the week.

Lösung Gepäckfachanlage


To be safe against vandalism, lockers from our product range ecos safe were used. These are produced with a  6 mm double-sided steel door with double locking bolts that satisfy these requirements perfectly.

The control software is integrated into the corporate network, so that the monitoring and billing can be easily performed from a remote workstation.

An integrated communication unit enables direct contact with headquarters for customers with questions or problems.


Pass-through compartments


In an amusement park the newest attraction (an ultramodern roller coaster) was put into operation.

For safety reasons, the Association for Technical Inspection made restrictions that no bags can be kept when riding the rollercoaster.

A solution was sought, where the visitors can store their bags easily and safe. Then after the end of the ride the bags need to be automatically given out again.

Lösung Durchreichefächer


The vestibule of the ride was separated into two areas with a system of 138 pass-through compartments of the type ecos depot size L-2/3. Both, the entrance area as well as the exit area were equipped with 4 barcode reading stations.

The barcode on the entrance ticket can be used to deposit the baggage in a free compartment before boarding the roller coaster. When leaving the ride at the exit area, luggage can be retrieved automatically on the opposite of the passthrough compartments.

Currently about 5,000 pieces of luggage are stored daily.

ecos depot durchreichefächer

Pass-through compartments “ecos depot“ of the size L-1/3 for automated document delivery.

These compartments are used for controlled and efficient receipt and return of freight forwarding documents to truck drivers.

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