Intelligent Key Management and Locker Systems

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An International company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany; with US offices in Orlando, FL, ecos systems, offers comprehensive solutions designed for the secure management of objects and keys.

Using state of the art technology has enabled ecos systems, to develop advanced web based software applications and cloud computing for key and object management.

ecos’s systems can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer including seamless integration into any existing IT infrastructure.


Current Product Line

Key Management Systems

ecos plus systems are designed for the automotive and multi-family housing markets with the capacity to hold from 10 to 960 unique ID plugs.



Who, when, removed,
returned which key?



ecos secure
systems are perfectly suited for the secure market, releasing keys only to authorized users. Most commonly found in banks, police stations and prisons, government facilities, casinos, hotels, hospitals and are perfect for fleet management for any business.  These systems can also hold 10 to 960 unique ID plugs with enough space to hold large amounts of keys (keyrings).




Who has permission to remove which key, when?



ecos keysafe
is a stand-alone key management system available to manage 1-35 unique ID plugs.

  • Independent key management with individual locking plugs

  • Operation without a network connection and On-site management

  • Around the clock operation in public spaces

  • Suitable for outdoor use








Locker Systems

ecos depot is an electronic locker system which restricts access to company assets based on individual user rights. These lockers use content, RFID and charge current recognition to identify object movement.

  • Tools, radios, PDA’s, handhelds, laptops, keys
  • ecos safe is an electronic locker system that combines electronic locker technology with the security of a safe including, unique to the industry, an automatic double-bolt door locking mechanism.

  • Weapons, confidential documents, valuable objects and also keys
  • ecos drawer is the first fully automated electronic locker system where the drawer opens and closes without a user’s physical interaction.  This drawer based system will grant access to objects upon user authentication.

  • Tools, radios, PDA’s, handhelds, laptops, weapons, confidential documents, keys

    Information Technologies

    ecos software solutions and modules link to a wide variety of applications, including the latest security and communications technologies.



    ecos key management systems and locker systems are proven and well established in:


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      ecos systems Inc is proud to announce the installation of a key management system to control 240 keys at a major university in Florida.

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      isc-logoPlease visit our booth # 23147 at ISC West 2013 and let the experts in key management and locker systems demonstrate our newest line of products.

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